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Moon barged into my cabin like she owned the place, and in a way, she did, but punishing her would be far too fun to pass up. A smirk crossed my lips as I lounged back on the couch sipping a beer. My chest and feet were bare, and my jeans hugged my legs perfectly. I might be middle-aged, but I could easily keep up with the younger generation—Sonny included.

She took two steps through the door and stopped with her eyes on me. Despite her minimal dress, she was gorgeous in the candlelight. Her gray eyes glimmered, and soon, a small smile appeared on her lips.



I watched as her nose wrinkled at her new name before she closed the door behind her and stepped further into the room.

“How did you all switch so quickly? I know you haven’t exactly called me Averie for very long, but…” Her fingers pulled at the ends of her purple streaked hair as she moved nervously from one foot to the other.

I couldn’t tell where the anxiety was coming from. She had made it through the others with a special sort of ease. Moon fought, but it had been easy to see that the battle was mostly within herself—at least after Kodiak.

A small chuckle rumbled from my chest, and her eyes turned to slits in response.

“I will tell you, but first, tell me why you’re nervous.” I set my beer down on the table next to the chocolate covered strawberries. Her eyes followed the motion as she nibbled on her lower lip. When they fell upon the treat, her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Clearly, I had chosen a suitable dessert.

Moon let out a sigh and dropped her hands as she made her way to the couch and plopped down beside me. “I won’t lie. I’m… sore, you know,” she said as she gestured to most of her body but made extra swoops around her lower regions.

I chuckled again. “Ah, I see.” I slid down to my knees and positioned myself in front of her, pushing my way between her legs. “Nothing we can’t work through.” My hands slid up her thighs, and under the large shirt she wore, to grip her hips and pull her body toward me.

A small yip left her lips before my arms snaked around her back and held her tightly against my chest. “Kiss me, Moon.”

She didn’t hesitate. Our lips crashed together as if we had waited a thousand lifetimes to merge our bodies. Soft moans fell from her lips as our tongues wrestled and our hands roamed, learning each other’s bodies the best we could while clothed, even partially.

Time flew by, then Moon began to rub her pussy against the crotch of my jeans. I pushed against her, aiding in the friction. A hiss left her lips as a chuckle left mine.

I pulled away and stood up. “Strip. I have a surprise for you.”

Her lip found its way into her mouth again, but she nodded and did as she was told.

The others all knew about her present. It was what we gave to every new member but this time, it was different and we had to make a few special requests this round. Not that Loretta was against it. She finally had something new to do besides the basic Grizzly Skulls design and their new name.

Moon’s would fit her well and show the world where she belonged—with the Grizzly Skulls. No one would touch her knowing she was ours.

While she was passed out the first time, we called in Loretta and had her get to work so it would be ready for Moon’s induction. It wasn’t complete as we only just learned her name, but it would be soon enough.

I pulled the vest from the closet and made my way back to the living area where Moon was now sitting on the bear skin rug, munching on the chocolate covered strawberries.

I couldn’t help but think of how lucky we were.


She turned to look at me. Chocolate covered her lips, and the juice from the sweet fruit dribbled down her hand. That simply wouldn’t do.

I laid the cut on the couch and kneeled before her. My tongue made quick work of the chocolate covering her supple lips and cleaned the juices from her hand. Moans came from her as she tried to wiggle closer, but I wouldn’t let her. There was more to be done before I took her completely.

With one last kiss on her nose, I crawled to the couch and picked up her cut once more and presented it to her. “Once we become a Grizzly Skull, we are no longer who we once were. Our old names are gone; those people do not exist. Moon, you are no longer Averie to us. You are the woman who matches us, blow for blow, and has tamed us in a very feral way.”

Her eyes glistened as I held up her cut so she could inspect it. “This is for you. We all have one, but we made, will make, some modifications to yours. Moon will be written across the upper back, and all of our names are stitched around our Grizzly Skull logo beneath it. Instead of the usual brown and white, the writing is in purple. We wanted it to match who you are and what you mean to us. You are ours, Moon, and we are yours.”

I moved closer so that I could put it on her. “Here.”

She slid both arms through, shivering at the feel of the cool leather as tears ran down her face. “I never thought… I mean, I knew I was a part of this, but not like this.” Her hand covered her mouth as happy sobs escaped her.

“You’re not just a part of this, Moon. You are our center.”

That’s when she lunged forward, and the force of her leap knocked us both back onto the ground with an oomph.

In mere seconds, my pants were off and chucked across the room. She tried to remove her cut, but I shook my head, wanting her to keep it on. It showed how far we had come in such a short amount of time.

She straddled my hips and rubbed her slick pussy against my hardening dick. “Fuck me, Grizzly.” And I did.

My cock slid into her with little resistance. She might have been worried about being sore before, but that was long gone. I pumped into her, enjoying the tight feel that I had longed for. I knew I wouldn’t last long after all these years of celibacy, despite taking matters into my own hands. It simply wasn’t the same, and anyone who made a comparison was a fucking idiot.

“Moon,” I groaned as her hips swirled and her pussy massaged my painfully hard cock.

I wanted to last, to please her, but she was not making it easy.

She chuckled above me. “They told me your secret, Grizzly. Use me however you need.”

And I lost it. I flipped Moon off of me and onto her stomach. The soft fur of the rug would tease her freshly pierced nipples and the sensitive skin of her stomach.

Her ass was aimed toward the sky, and my dick twitched with the need to be inside her again, but first…

I leaned forward so my mouth was against her ear and the head of my member rubbed against her sore clit.

“Don’t think I forgot about you barging in here. You see the bear’s head? Go on and grab inside and do not let go, no matter what.” I kissed the side of her head as her hands snaked up and eased into the open mouth of the specially ordered bear skin rug. The head was to remain intact and the teeth made extra sharp. We knew one day that detail would come in handy.

She yelped and pulled her hands back as blood started to ooze from one of her fingers which had been cut on the sharpened teeth she didn’t know were there.

“I said, do not let go.” The sight of her blood was too much. The moment her hands were looped across the front of the bear’s mouth again, I thrusted my hips forward, burying my dick inside her as far as it would go. I knew my harsh movements were causing more slices to appear on her hands and the thought of her blood brought me to the edge quickly.

Muffled hisses and moans came from her as I used her hips to slam harder into her, chasing my release and knowing it would come far sooner than hers would. But I would never leave her wanting more. Moon would have everything she could ever want, even if I had to call someone else in to help.

Pride was not my sin to bear. But lust was a different story.

I wanted this to be special, unlike what the others did. I pulled her up, forcing her to release her hold on the bear’s mouth. Both hands were covered in small cuts and dripped blood just as I had imagined. I grabbed her left hand, shoving it between her thighs and trusting that she knew what to do while I dealt with her right hand. Bringing it to my lips, my tongue darted out and licked across her palm then up to her finger tips.

“Mm, every ounce of you is delicious, Moon.” With one final pump of my hips, I came and released everything I had inside of my Good Girl, my Moon.

She had been working her clit as I tended to her bloodied hand, and as I came inside her, Moon’s walls clenched around me and a soft scream left her lips.

She never ceased to amaze me.

“Damn it, Grizzly. I don’t need anymore kinks added to my list,” she ground out before we both collapsed on the rug in laughter.

“Oh, my Moon, we have so much more to show you. Imagine all the tricks we know, the combinations we can create. You are one lucky Grizzly Skull.”

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