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He stepped close. “I’ve been watching what’s going on here. You’ve been distracted by that LaSalle woman. Unfocused.”

I gave a warning growl. “Thankfully, I know I can rely on you.”

“Always have. But people are beginning to talk, Jaxson. You should distance yourself from her.”

“Not until I can clear the pack’s name. Getting tied to these abductions and murders affects our business, not just our pride.”

“I know. But you should get that girl out of town. None of us like having her around.”

I’d told my inner circle who Savannah was related to, thinking they could handle it. Clearly not.

I gave a laugh that was a half growl. “That might be dif

ficult. The woman isn’t compliant.”

“Then get her to comply and get rid of her.”

My wolf snarled in my chest. I kept it in check, but I let myself partially shift—slowly and deliberately. Hair slowly covered the backs of my hands as my claws and canines emerged, millimeter by millimeter. A slow shift demonstrated control, power, and mastery of the beast within, and not many could manage it.

Billy inched back but froze under my glare.

I stepped closer, looming over him. He was big. I was bigger. “Savannah Caine is mine. No one touches her. She’s staying here, and there will be no further discussion until the pack’s name is clear. Then we can figure out what to do with her.”

He bared his teeth but nodded. He ran the docks. I ran the pack.

I retracted my claws and headed to the on-site manager’s office. Halfway there, my phone vibrated.

Savannah. Speak of the devil. I’d called a half-dozen times, and my irritation flared.

The moment she’d left her motel room, she’d gone off script, ditched our meeting, and headed south, presumably to meet with her family—though my people couldn’t follow her all the way into LaSalle territory. It was the one thing I’d implored her not to do.

What was it that compelled the woman to do the exact opposite of everything I asked?

I stepped into the dock manager’s office, pulled off my safety hat, and picked up. “Ms. Caine. You were supposed to meet with the sketch artist. Instead, you headed to the Indies after I explicitly warned you against it. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Avoiding werewolves. How is it that you conveniently forgot to mention you were the damned alpha when you were scaring me out of my mind last night?” Her voice was terse and bitter.

Wasn’t it obvious? “Can you blame me? You would have run screaming out of the building. You were barely holding on as it was.”

She exhaled noisily. “I deserved to know what I was walking into. You’re playing games with information, Jaxson. Like, for instance, you failed to mention that the only thing my car needed was a magic regulator, and it would run just fine. The funny thing is, I’m over at Savage Body, and your goons won’t release my vehicle.”

“It needs repairs. You can have it back once you’ve finished helping me.”

At least she was in pack territory again. I just had to find a way to keep her there, which was unlikely, considering her current mood.

“Why do I have a feeling one sketch isn’t going to be enough? What else are you expecting?”

“It’s a start.”

“Here’s the deal: I’ll make the sketch, but you get your ass over here and give my car back.”

She hung up, and I tried to call her. No response.

I jammed my phone in my pocket and cursed violently enough that the clerk in the back corner of the office whimpered.

Storming out of the dockyard, I jumped into my ride, and five minutes later, I pulled up outside Savage Body. I slammed the door of the truck and grabbed the nearest mechanic. “Where is she?”

“In the office,” he said, wide-eyed, “drawing something.”

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