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“I understand this isn’t ideal, but we learned a great deal and confirmed that a sorcerer is involved. He was hidden from the spell, so we can’t name him, but at least we know who summoned the demon.”

Regina whistled low.

“Probably one of the LaSalles, forcing good wolves to do their evil work and shame our pack,” Billy muttered.

“That doesn’t make any fucking sense, and you know it,” I snapped. Had my sister lived, he would have held rank. But she was dead, and he had trouble remembering that I was no longer his subordinate. I had to remind him from time to time.

Billy bared his teeth, but Regina stepped in before things could escalate. “This is good information, and at least we’ll have the element of surprise if we go in.”

I shook my head. “Probably not. I’m afraid that the scrying spell tipped off the sorcerer, so they’ll know we’re coming. Either they’ll have turned their tails and run, or they’ll be ready and waiting for us.”

“Why are we attacking if they know we’re coming?” Billy asked.

I panned my gaze across the members of my inner circle, reminding them who called the shots. “Because this is the best chance we’ve had. They appear out of nowhere, grab someone, and disappear. Now it’s our turn. It’s a risk, but we must stop them.”

Regina nodded to Savannah. “You’re not bringing the LaSalle with us, are you?”

I gave a warning growl. At least we were getting all the dissent out of the way in private, before we met the rest of the team. “She’s the reason we know anything about these fuckers. And if they’ve split, she’s the only shot we have at finding them again. She can scry, and we know that they want her. She’ll find them, or they’ll find her, and we’ll bag the assholes.”

I wasn’t about to repeat the seer’s words in current company: Without her at your side, you will not discover the answers you need.

Regina took a submissive stance but whispered, “She’ll be a liability.”

Savannah crossed her arms. “Then give me a gun. Problem solved.”

“You can shoot?” she asked, surprised.

“Probably better than you, though I prefer a shotgun.”

Truth. I could smell that it was more than truth—practically a point of pride.

Eyebrows raised, I handed her a Glock 19 and a couple of clips. “This work?”

Savannah inspected the gun with expert grace and shoved the clips in her back pocket. “It’ll do.”

The woman had moxie, that was for sure. I gave a half laugh. “They’re silver bullets, so don’t shoot me.”

She grinned and winked. “Then don’t get in my way.”

Although I tried to fight it, a smile tugged at the corner of my lips. The backbone on this woman was a mile long.

A tortured snarl erupted behind us. Billy.

“I can’t believe you’re giving a gun with silver bullets to a LaSalle,” he growled, ache in his voice.

Frustration tore at me. “She needs a weapon. End of conversation. Unless you’d like us to give her wolfsbane.”

I could tell by his scent and fluctuations in his eyes that Billy was on the verge of losing it. “She’s just as likely to shoot one of us as the enemy.”

Savannah glared at Billy and bared her teeth in a surprisingly wolfish gesture. “If I shoot you, trust me, it’ll be on purpose.”

“I don’t trust you—that’s the problem. You’re a fucking liability.” Billy’s fangs erupted, and Savannah flinched. I could smell her fear, but she stood her ground, jaw set and silent.

“I trust her,” I said, putting my authority into each word.

Regina smirked. “I bet she can’t hit the broad side of a barn.”

Savannah whipped her arm up and pulled the trigger three times.

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