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A pale pink flush of arousal stained her face, and her gaze remained locked to mine as her tongue darted out to lick a drop of cum from the corner of her mouth.

Holy fuck.

I’d witnessed or partaken in just about every filthy sex act imaginable, but that small movement might’ve been the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

“Get on the bed,” I ordered, my voice thick with gravel. “All fours. Now.”

Her hands and knees barely had time to hit the mattress before I stripped off my clothes and came up behind her, spreading her thighs with my hands.

“You are so very wet, my beautiful whore.” I licked her glistening juices off her skin, savoring the taste and delicate female scent that drove every man crazy. I pushed a finger inside her tight, slick folds and was rewarded with a loud whimper. “Do you want me to eat out this gorgeous cunt of yours?”

“Please,” Ava gasped, pushing back at me. “I need—oh God.” She dropped her head, her squeal muffled by the pillows when I flattened my tongue against her clit, alternating between long, slow licks and fast flicks. I was so fucking hungry—for her, for her taste, for the innocence shattering beneath me at this very moment. I feasted on her like a man possessed, my hand digging into her flesh, my fingers curling inside her until I found the spot that had her bucking against my face. I gently tugged on her clit with my teeth, flicking over the sensitive nub with my tongue, and she exploded, her screams reverberating off the walls.

“You taste so fucking good,” I growled, lapping up every drop while she shook and trembled beneath my touch. “The perfect appetizer for tonight.”

Ava twisted her head to look at me, her face flushed from her orgasm and her eyes round with shock. “That was an appetizer? I thought—you—”

“Sunshine, this is a twelve-course meal.” I rolled on a condom and slid my already-hard-again cock along her drenched folds. “And we’re just getting started.”

I gripped her throat and slammed into her, and all conversation ground to a halt, unless you counted her moans and my grunts as conversation. She felt like heaven to my hell, the closest I’d ever get to salvation, and yet I still wanted to drag her into the depths of Hades with me. I fucked her so hard I was afraid I’d break her, but every time I eased up, Ava uttered tiny warning growls that had my lips curving in a mixture of satisfaction and amusement.

It turned out my sweet, innocent lamb was actually a dirty little slut in disguise, and I’d never been happier to be wrong.

I flipped her over in time to see her shatter once more, her pleasure-glazed eyes and sighs urging me to go faster and deeper until I, too, came apart in a powerful orgasm that ripped through me with the force of a Category Five hurricane.

When my breathing slowed and I came down from my high, I found Ava staring up at me with a strange expression.

“What is it, Sunshine?” I brushed my lips over hers, already preparing myself for the next round. If I was going to hell for this, I might as well enjoy every second.

“No kissing or face-to-face contact during sex,” she murmured. “I thought those were your rules.”

I paused. She was right. Those were my rules—ones I created after I was old enough to realize emotions had nothing to do with sex and feelings had no place in the bedroom. I’d never once broken them—until tonight. And I hadn’t even thought about it or realized it until Ava reminded me. I enjoyed fucking from the back more than the average man—there was a sense of removal that came with it, which was why it was my position of choice—but I’d wanted to see her. To watch the way she reacted to each shift in movement, to see her face when she fell apart and screamed my name.

And that was when I realized I was well and truly fucked.

“You’re right, sweetheart,” I said, dropping my forehead to hers with a resigned sigh. So. Fucked. “But the rules don’t apply to you.”

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