Real Alphas Mate (The Alpha-Hole Duet 2) - Page 9

I would kill him no matter what for all he’d done to Syn, but if I needed more information about his son, he would be more useful alive for now.

He grimaced while I swallowed hard.

“Good, we have an understanding.” I turned to get the fuck out of there, my thoughts spinning on what I knew of Dorse Island. Not much, considering there were hundreds of islands occupied by fuck knew who, but I’d find out more once I got back home. Then we’d go hunting to rescue my little wolf.

“He really is a good boy,” Anton whimpered behind me.

Something about him trying to justify what Brayden did only made me more furious. It eliminated my self control. I suddenly saw only fire.

I whipped around with all the fury of my wolf behind me and marched up to the old asshole.

He backed away, but nothing would stop me. I snatched a handful of his shirt around his throat and drew him up to me so we were face to face, so there was no misunderstanding.

“Your son forgot the order of the world. Worms like him shouldn’t ever decide to play with monsters.” Before I allowed him to respond, I gripped my blade and drove it up under his ribs, shoving it deep, aiming for the heart. Whether I did or didn’t hit it wasn’t a problem when he started gurgling blood.

“If it gives you any joy, your beloved son will be joining you soon in the pits of Hell.” I dumped his body and he hit the floorboards hard, clutching his bloody chest.

Images of River bleeding to death on the shore had me clenching my teeth. I held no pity for this fucker. I must have been out of my head by thinking I’d let him live for now. I didn’t need him or anyone else to warn Brayden that we were coming for him.

Wiping my blade on his pants, I tucked it away and stormed out of there, not bothering to look back at the dying man.

The main bar was littered with half a dozen men while Caspian was sitting on the bar with blood-splattered hands, guzzling back a beer.

“Find him?” he asked, hopping down.

“He’s not here, but I know exactly where the prick is. We’re going hunting tonight.”

“And this place?” he asked, finishing off his drink before tossing the glass to the floor, where it smashed into dozens of shards.

“Get the women and children out. Then burn it down. I want it all gone,” I growled.

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