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I’d learned her name was Astoria. Or at least, that’s what some of them had called to her. I wondered what had happened to her that she’d become this pathetic, evil creature. What had taken her sense of self-respect?

I would have felt sorry for her, if not for everything she’d done to me earlier. I liked to think that no matter how low I got in life, I’d never take it out on another woman.

I was distracted by my thoughts, and I shouldn’t have been. I flinched when he kissed my neck, and the next second, his fist struck my cheek and I flew off his lap, my collar yanking on my neck as I fell to the ground.

I laid there for a second, my breaths coming out in gasps, and my body shuddering in pain. My wolf howled inside of me, mourning the fact that we were chained.

Furious tears were gathered in my eyes as I pushed myself off the ground, my cheek throbbing in pain.

All my senses left me. All I could feel in that moment was a thick rage that burnt my tongue as I stared at the disgusting being in front of me.

“Fuck you,” I snarled, enjoying the shock in his eyes at my curse. “You’re pathetic, Brayden. And worse…you’re forgettable.” I smiled at the embarrassment and fury building on his features. The men seated around us had all quieted, and I could feel their eyes watching me. A voice in my head was screaming at me to shut my mouth before I went so far that I couldn’t come back…but I was done. I leaned forward, a mocking smile on my lips. “You’re right. I did fuck the Alphas of the Khan pack…and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was amazing to experience sex that actually felt good. It was refreshing that I didn’t have to lay there and fake it. My orgasms were all real. They have more power in their pinkies than you have in your whole body…not to mention the size of their dicks.”

Brayden’s face was a mottled, almost purple color. He was frozen listening to the words he’d never imagined his poor, pathetic little mate was capable of.

Since I’d gone that far, I couldn’t help but go one step further.

“You’re going to die, Brayden. And it’s going to be soon. I hope it’s by my hands, but I’m good with anyone killing you—” I continued…my voice fading off as the sensation of being watched by someone very familiar stroked against my skin.

I was just imagining—I turned and locked gazes with vibrant green eyes that I hadn’t been sure I’d ever see again.

They’d come for me.

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