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“Tell that to Hendrix,” I said, lifting my chin toward our oldest brother who thundered ahead of us as if he was on a mission by himself.

He was fuming and focused, not seeming to have heard a word. The Alpha lingered on the brink of releasing his beast. Tonight would end in a bloodbath, and each of us was ready for the rampage.

I fucking welcomed it, my sights set on destroying anyone standing in my way to get Syn.

We moved with speed through the night, dodging palm trees, coming up on the mansion. A lavish piece of shit owned by a pack I knew little about. Another gang running their activities from these island headquarters. Regardless, they were going to be dead soon enough. And maybe we’d claim this as our vacation home.

Music permeated the air the closer we got, voices humming in the distance. Much to our benefit, the local pack’s guards were congregated around the dock, welcoming visitors.

Darting through the shadows and around palm trees, we came to the edge of open, manicured grounds.

Perfectly styled lawn, several fountains of naked maidens holding jars of flowing water, blinking lights on strings overhead, and benches everywhere. Beyond that rose an enormous mansion, four stories high, and it screamed opulence. Here I thought we were the only ones with a castle for a home, but I’d been wrong.

“Who exactly are the cocksuckers living here?” Caspian whispered over his shoulder.

Hendrix watched everything with the prediction of the predator he was, barely paying us attention. We remained hidden in the shadows, watching every guard, every camera, every damn thing.

I kept staring at the windows glowing with light from inside. Where are you, Syn? Which room?

Lucky for us, most of the cameras I noted were all pointed toward the front of the house, to where all the visitors arrived.

The longer we waited, the longer anger rolled over me, echoing inside me. My skin pricked, and overhead the sky growled. A storm was coming.

Hendrix jerked his attention toward us and pointed to the rear of the house where he must have seen an opportunity to enter the mansion. “Over there,” he finally said, pointing to a waiter emerging with a silver tray filled with flutes, most likely with Dom Perignon. Something we’d serve our guests if in the mood to impress.

“We need to hurry. Stay close,” he whispered over his shoulder. Then he made a mad rush across the lawn toward the back of the property.

Caspian and I lunged right after him. Keeping our heads low, we moved on silent steps and sprinted. My heart jacked in my chest that we’d be caught, and while I had no problems starting to slay these fuckers early, I preferred to find Syn first.

It was funny how when she first arrived at my home, I wanted nothing to do with her. I kept telling myself that she still meant nothing to me. But I’d never been good at lying to myself.

As much as I hated to admit it, she did something to me…I thought about her constantly, her candied smell never left my nostrils, and even in my sleep, I heard her voice. When I closed my eyes and thought of her, I felt the softness of her skin on mine.

For a long time, I believed I was too brutally broken to deserve anything more than women you fucked and walked away from. But maybe I never had the courage to admit to myself that I deserved more. That even monsters need love.

And Syn was definitely the kind of girl I could become obsessed with, who I couldn’t live without. She was proof that even when you’d lived an existence that felt like hell, angels still existed for savage assholes like me.

Hendrix ripped open the door, dragging my attention, and he ushered us inside. Caspian took the lead, taking out the guard who had his back to us. He snapped his neck, and I caught the guy as he fell over, then I dragged him into an empty storage room I found. Dumping his body in there, I shut the door carefully and caught up to my brothers.

We moved fast after that, sticking to shadows, to hallways, darting left and right to avoid being seen. The mansion was sumptuous in decorating tastes. Only the most extravagant tapestries were on the walls, diamond chandeliers hung from the ceilings, and door frames, and banisters were all gold in this part of the house which all revolved around the central entertaining hallway that led into a massive ballroom.

The three of us were tucked into a small broom closet, peering out down the hall to where people were mingling and drinking. From my vantage location, there was a tall blonde in the middle of the hallway, naked, and her body painted completely gold as she sat on a small stool and played a soft tune on a harp. With the music coming out from the ballroom and outside through the open doors, her attempt fell on deaf ears.

Who the fuck were these wankers?

I turned to my brothers. “Okay, I can’t see Syn out there. What’s our plan?”

“We take out as many of the guards as possible without anyone noticing. Then I’ll notify our men and we all go in for the attack. Let’s not give ourselves away just yet.”


Caspian was cracking his knuckles. “I’m ready to spill blood.”

Before we knew it, we’d emerged from the room and made good on our plan. I gripped the blade I’d brought with me and jumped the first guard standing at the end of the hall. Well, he turned and saw me approaching. Eyes bulging, he knew we weren’t guests, so I charged him and collided so hard, I drove his head into the wall. Maybe with a bit too much gumption, considering I heard the crack of his skull, and then he dropped like a sack.

“Well, you’re no fun,” I whispered, grabbing his ankles and hauling him into a side room where Caspian held the door open for me. It was a reading room by the looks of it, complete with a study, meaning anyone could come in and find him tonight.

“Quickly stash him here,” Caspian said, pulling back the curtains. I rolled my eyes at him, but did as he suggested. I just wanted to get to Syn.

I dumped the body and kicked his legs until they were tucked up behind the curtain enough to be concealed at first glance.

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