Real Alphas Mate (The Alpha-Hole Duet 2) - Page 45

“What’s that?” It didn’t stop me from starting to shuffle backward because two could play this game.

“The storm is getting closer. The gap between the thunder is closer.”

“Well, let’s see how that works out for you.” Hurriedly, I rolled over to get off the seat just as the heavens came to life with a show of spectacular lightning spearing across the sky.

The boom came right on its heels. I scrambled, but large hands grasped my hips and tugged me back. His cock must have been magnetized to my pussy because he slipped right back into me, spreading me.

“River, no more teasing,” I threatened.

I cried out with how amazing it felt, as he fucked me doggie style, going deep. I was a walking contradiction because I wanted him inside me, but I also wanted to make him suffer too.

On hands and knees, I stuck my ass high and he plunged into me while his thumb played with my ass, before pushing into me.

My lips curled, a snarl on my lips. “More, please, more,” I demanded, rocking my hips back to meet each one of his slaps.

And for the first time, I prayed for more thunder. My pulse boomed in my ears, desire owning me.

“Please don’t stop, please. Fuck me harder,” I pleaded, just as my climax tore through me. Shuddering, I screamed out as the sky lit up once more and thunder ripped across the island. I didn’t care but instead jolted beneath River who pulsed inside me.

I lost myself to the high, feeling nothing but River buried inside me.

“Fuck yes, take all my cum,” he growled as he flooded me. My body ached in the most incredible way, my pussy slightly stinging at his roughness, and yet I craved more.

Once I finally came down from my high, I collapsed onto my stomach, and he pulled out of me. Lazily, I rolled onto my back to face him, and he made sure to spread my legs and kneel between them. His gaze dipped to my swollen pussy as he bit down on his lower lip.

“I love watching my cum seep out of your cunt. It’s so fucking hot.”

I gasped when I tried to find my voice because the things he said to me had me tingling all over again. His thumb was on my clit, rubbing the sensitive nub. I squirmed beneath his touch.

“Baby, keep your legs open. I want to see it all.”

“You're crazy, you know, pulling that stunt.”

“You’re welcome.”

My attempt to appear angry failed as a moan slipped past my throat. “What for?”

“I’ve helped you overcome your fear of thunder.”

And only then when another cracking sound filled the night sky did I notice I hadn’t flinched.

“But I think just in case you’re still scared, I’d better fuck you again,” he told me as the first trickle of rain hit my face.

“In the rain?”

A devious expression came over his face. “Yes…fuck yes. I want you dripping, then we’re going in the shower.”

“God, you’re going to kill me,” I whispered to him. “You’d better fuck me hard, and don’t even think about stopping this time.”

He laughed, the sound so addictive, and I knew then that I had finally found my forever home.

“I love you, River,” I whispered, holding onto him.

He leaned over me, his lips hovering over mine. “I’ve loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you.”

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