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1 Month Later

“Ready to go, little wolf?” Hendrix asked, looking sexy as he leaned against the doorframe as I finished packing up my bag.

It was our one-year adventure. One year from the time that he’d first seen me in that bar. And it said a lot for how far we’d come that this was something I was willing to…celebrate. I was sure that most kidnapped women did not have such a positive attitude about their capture date.

But I couldn’t deny it. I was happy. Blissfully so. One of the worst moments in my life had somehow turned into one of the best.

So because that date was now something I deemed celebratory, we were going out on the yacht and spending the night, just the two of us.

Hendrix babied me all the way to the boat, not letting me walk barely at all…a fact that was annoying and endearing all at once. They’d been doing that. About everything. I think I hadn’t lifted anything heavier than a washcloth since we’d found out a baby was coming.

The sex had still been good…but they’d definitely taken the doctor’s words about relaxing seriously.

Tonight, I was determined to shake things up.

After an amazing dinner in the sunset, reminiscent of the evening he’d first confessed his love, I made my move.

The staff had been instructed to retire early, and not leave the lower deck until morning. So while Hendrix’s back was turned as he fiddled with the speaker system, I slowly slipped off my clothes, until I was standing completely naked right behind him.

“What are you in the mood—” His voice cut off when he saw me, his eyes widening, lust already building.

Exactly what I was going for.

“Fancy a swim?” I teased, stepping backwards toward the ladder that led to the water off the yacht’s side.

He bit his lip. He wanted to, desperately by the looks of it, but I could also see he was warring with himself about it.

I trailed a finger around each of my nipples before sliding it into my mouth and then down, down…

“Okay,” he said roughly, moving towards me with fire in his eyes as he stripped off his shirt to reveal the perfect planes of his chest.

Fuck he was hot.

“But no jumping.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said, sticking out my tongue.

“You’re in trouble now,” he growled, continuing to prowl towards me.

I quickly scrambled down the ladder into the balmy water, thinking belatedly that the ship’s shark deterrent system better work.

Probably should have thought of that before.

Somehow I felt safer the second he was in the water with me, all thoughts of scary ocean creatures disappearing as he slid his body against mine, allowing me to feel every inch of his hard cock.

I shivered at the sensation. “Are you feeling neglected, baby,” he murmured as his fingers slipped through my lips, separating them as he began to massage my clit.

“So neglected,” I moaned, my breathing escalating as he softly kissed me. I wrapped my legs around him as his cock replaced his hand between my legs. He teased me as we made out, his slick dick sliding between my folds, but never going where I wanted it.

“Please,” I cried out, and he finally began to push inside.

“Such a perfect, tight pussy,” he growled as he pulled out, and then slammed back in again. His pace was a little slowed by the water, but it was no less effective in driving me crazy.

His mouth lowered to my nipple as he moved, sucking and nipping at the sensitive flesh until I was helplessly crying and moaning. My breasts had become crazy sensitive since becoming pregnant, so this was giving me sensations almost as good as his dick. His teeth, tongue, and lips continued to work on my nipples, going back and forth between each one until I was clamping down on his cock, an orgasm ripping through me. The sound that came out of my mouth was akin to a desperate howl, but he seemed to think it was sexy because he kept going.

“Come on, sweetheart. Give me another one. This was what you wanted, right?” he murmured in a gravelly voice as he moved his attention back to my lips.

I’d lost the ability to speak. Apparently, all I could do was moan and shriek. His tongue dove in my mouth, fucking me in the same rhythm that he was with his cock.

“You want my cum, little wolf. Choke my cock one more time and I’ll give it to you.”

Hendrix and dirty talk was the perfect combination because I exploded with a burst of heat that lit up my insides right as his dick jerked inside of me and he spilled into my core.

We breathed together under the stars, me wrapped around him as we floated there.

“Happy Anniversary, Hendrix,” I murmured, pressing my forehead against his.

“Happy Anniversary, little wolf,” he whispered back.

* * *

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