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“That bitch betrayed us, just as the voice in the cave had warned me,'' Hendrix muttered as he laid a kiss on my brow, sitting so close that our bodies were almost joined at the hip in the back of the boat.

Caspian, on the other side, added, “The thing said the same to me. To be honest, I wasn’t paying attention as I was too busy freaking out about my other leg missing.” His lips pinched to the side with a lopsided grin, and I leaned in against him, kissing his cheek.

“Love you,” I whispered, to which he smiled. The thing was, each one of us was broken in our own way, but together, we became whole.

“And me,” called out River from the railing as we zipped across the ocean’s calm surface. “But why the hell just tease us? Why not come out and say, hey, that witch you trusted is trying to kill you. This is what I don’t get about the mystical world. It speaks in riddles.”

He kept on ranting, and I smirked at how passionate he was. Me…I was just glad to not be facing constant death for a moment.

“Well, at least it tried to warn you, which is better than nothing, right?” I said.

“Is it?” River said. “We didn’t predict the witch turning up to attack Syn.”

“Who the fuck cares now? Anyway, Syn can take care of herself,” piped up Caspian who had his hand on my thigh, lightly teasing me with the way he gently stroked my leg.

“The witch finally got what she deserved in the end.” Hendrix pushed a loose strand behind my ear, staring at me, like he had been doing since we got onto the boat to head back home. “It’s taught me a lesson on who to trust outside our family. She said she’d been watching us for years, and that pisses me off that we never once suspected. I mean, we invited her into our home.”

He tensed against me, and I held onto his hand.

“It’s over now,” I reassured him.

His brow furrowed. “I know. But it doesn’t ease the sting that we missed the clues.”

“The witch is dead, that’s all I care about,” River barked as he came and sat down, reclining with one arm behind his head. “I never want to think of her again. Fuck, she gives me the creeps.”

Caspian groaned in agreement. I sat back on the couch between my two men, the cool air rushing through my hair, making it messier.

River turned to look at us once more, gorgeous eyes narrowed. “Okay, that’s enough. Time’s up,” he finally announced. “Your turn, Hendrix. My turn to be next to Syn.”

I laughed because the guy was serious. They’d been swapping seats every ten minutes, each needing to be pressed up against me, their hands all over me, kissing me, licking me. And I loved every second of it.

“It’s only been a few minutes,” snapped Hendrix.

“Ain’t happening.” River walked over to us, causing the boat to slightly rock from side to side from his movement, and he joined us on the outdoor seating at the back of the boat. This vessel wasn’t small in the slightest. I was talking about luxury that was built for more extreme speed and entertainment. And a lot of comfort.

River sat down on the short table right in front of me, his hands on my knees, his legs spread, while wearing only his jeans and nothing else. I got hot at the way his gaze dipped up and down my body, and then he smirked to himself as if approving what he saw.

“Maybe we all need a small break,” he suggested. “The sky has cleared up, the water is clear as crystal, and we’re completely alone out here.”

I scanned the area to confirm we were indeed completely alone with only water surrounding us. “It’s so beautiful now. So tranquil.”

“See, she agrees,” River added. The guys exchanged a strange look.

“Agree to what?” I asked.

It was Hendrix who finally twisted around to completely face me. “We’re going to be a family soon, and to do that, we should officially bond our wolves with yours.”

My body tensed at the implication. “Like marking me?”

“Yes,” he answered, while Caspian’s fingers danced over my bare shoulder and over my bra strap. River’s hands slid up my thigh.

A moan caught in my throat–something primal and animalistic because I knew what they were implying. The lust in their gazes as they watched me screamed their intentions.

Their suggestive touches sent a buzz right between my thighs in such a way that I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Here?” I gasped. “Like this? You’re all injured.” Of course, I’d bandaged them once we arrived on the boat with the first aid kit, but they didn’t seem to notice their injuries.

“What better place than here?” River suggested.

My skin prickled with excitement, while I clenched my thighs together. I had never lusted for anyone as much as I did these three brothers, even when they wanted sex out in the middle of the ocean.

I reclined back into the seat, rather enjoying the way they stared at me like starved wolves. “There is only one issue,” I countered.

“And that is?” They seemed to ask almost in unison.

“The doctor had said I needed to take it easy when it comes to group sex.”

Hendrix blinked at me because he knew this too. They were all there. “We can’t cause any stress to you and the baby,” he said. “So, we can do this without pushing you too far.” He licked his lips, holding onto me tighter. “For us to bond with you, we need to be with you at the same time, but we’ll take it slow. Nothing strenuous. No one said you can’t have an amazing time without us being too rough.”

Of course, there was disappointment in his voice because I also loved when he fucked me hard, when all three of them did.

River’s fingers kept crawling up my thighs, while Caspian slowly pulled the strap of my bra off my shoulder.

Hendrix slid a hand across my jawline, making me look at him. He was gorgeous—god-like with a square jawline and black hair that brought out the blue in his eyes. My hands fell to round biceps that flexed under my touch, and the thrill of knowing these men were all mine was exhilarating.

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