Wicked Boss (Bratva Brothers 2) - Page 35

"Anything else?" I ask. Her apartment is heavily furnished, but I can work with a few of our men to transport her belongings to the compound or storage. That can wait for another day. The goal is to get everything that she needs or may need for the foreseeable future.

Hannah heads into the living room toward the coffee table. She bends and opens the drawer, retrieving a photo album featuring a tiny handprint on the cover. It must be baby pictures of Bay.

"Yeah, now I'm ready."

On the way out of the apartment, Hannah grabs her car keys, and we head downstairs together. "I'm going to follow you to work. Just to make sure that Mark isn't there when you show up."

"Luka, that's a bit overkill. Don't you think? I'll be fine. The medical center has security, and he doesn't even know that I'm working this afternoon. It's not my usual shift."

"Fine, I'm heading to the coffee shop a block away from the medical center."

"There are plenty of other coffee shops closer." Hannah unlocks her car door and steps out into the street. She's parked a few cars away from me.

I wait until she's in her car before walking to mine. "Yeah, but they have the best biscotti," I say. I've never even tried biscotti, but fuck, I'm not letting her out of my sight until I know that she's safe.

If I knew where Mark was right now, I wouldn't be so concerned. And while he's supposed to be at work, I worry that he's unhinged and going to do something to Hannah.

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