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Lucy is feisty, and the fire behind those dark green eyes stirs a flame that's been tamed inside me. She insists that she didn't steal the key to the compound, my house.

"I don't believe you," I seethe and push her back against the mattress. My hands trap hers above her head.

"Well, I don't care." She sneers up at me, but her pupils are dark, and her breathing deepens.

I swear I can smell her scent, and I want to rip her clothes off and fuck her.

But I'm a gentleman.

Okay, I'm not a monster. I'd never force myself onto her. And by the time I'm done, she'll beg for me to fuck her tight little pussy.

"You didn't just waltz into the bar, knocking into me by coincidence." I should have seen it last night and not been so damn naïve to think that a pretty girl might need help.

Shame on me for believing her little act.

There's only one way to know that she doesn't have my key.

My left hand remains clamped on her wrist, binding her hands together. I guide my palm over and across her breasts with my right hand, ensuring that she doesn't have a wire tucked away or my key hidden beneath her clothes.

"Get off me, you pervert!" she shouts, but her body betrays her desires.

She wants me. Lucy's breathing deepens, and her breaths come out raspy and thick. Her eyelids grow heavy as I tease and caress her clothed skin.

I chuckle, not the least bit offended by her remark. Leaning down, my lips brush against her ear. "I could order a strip search," I say. "Bring in other men to tear off your clothes and make sure you're not hiding that key or anything else under that dress."

"You're a pig!"

Is that all she's got? Insults to throw at me.

She bites down on her bottom lip as I caress her hip, and she emits a soft sigh. Her eyes tighten, and I see the inward struggle. Lucy doesn’t want to give in, but she will, all in due time.

"Spread your legs," I command.

"You're a fucking animal!"

"Luka! Dmitri!" I call for additional reinforcements.

I have no intention of hurting Lucy or forcing her to have sex. If she has fears, I will bring two other men to witness what I intend to do for her benefit.

Her breathing catches in her throat. "Relax. I'm not going to hurt you."

She struggles against my grip, her body bucking against the mattress, trying to break free, but I'm no match for her.

There's panic in her breathing. Her eyes are wide and her color ghastly. I swear if she goes into anaphylaxis again, I'll put her into the back seat of my vehicle and drive her to Steele Medical Concierge myself.

Heavy footsteps hurry to the bedroom and thrust open the door.

I glance over my shoulder at Luka. "What do you need?" he asks.

He's at my side and glances at the two of us as I have her pinned down on the mattress.

"Let me go!" Lucy shrieks and attempts to wiggle out of my grasp.

Hasn't she realized that the only one who has the power to let her go is me?

"I want you here to witness that I'm not going to fucking touch her."

"You're already touching me," Lucy snarls. "Get off me." She leans up to bite me.

I guide my hand under her hips in one swoop and spin her around, shoving her chest into the mattress while I pin her down. She can't bite me if she's not facing me.

"She's a handful," Luka says. He folds his arms across his chest and watches. He doesn't help Lucy. She's not a guest in the compound. She's a prisoner and a thief. Although I can't prove her thievery yet, I will before the night is done.

"Tell me something I don't already know," I mutter.

Luka watches, offering no assistance as I keep her pinned against the mattress and let my hands wander over her dress, across her bra straps, and down over her ass.

Her breathing hitches in her throat. My touch is firm but not harsh. I could rip the clothes right off her, and if I don't find what I'm looking for soon, I might just have to do that.

"Are you done?" She wiggles against me.


My cock hardens at her ministrations, and I swear my head is high above the clouds. She's a fucking temptress.

She smells of vanilla and lavender. It's intoxicating, not to mention the heat filling the room.

"Enough!" I growl into her ear. If she's not trying to arouse me, then I need to get my dick in check.

Besides, I don't need Luka noticing when I climb off her pert little ass that I'm sprouting a hard-on for our prisoner.

That's all she is, a prisoner. She's a traitor, though I've yet to decipher whom she's working for and what her agenda is.

My hand palms under her skirt, making sure the key isn't tucked into her panties. She's soaked through the flimsy fabric, dripping for me, and her breath catches in her throat.

I remove my hand.

I want to rip her panties off and let my fingers glide her lips apart, touch her, tease her, and listen to her moans as I fill her with my digits.

But I won't take advantage of her.

Lucy has to beg me to fuck her. And even then, I'm not sure that I'd allow myself the pleasure of watching her come undone. She's here because she jumped the fence, not on an invitation.

There must be consequences for her actions. And if it's up to Mikhail, those penalties will be harsh and severe.

Lucy is delicate. I'm not sure she's up to what an ordinary prisoner would endure. The torture, humiliation, and vile nature of being forced to confess and obey. Most of the detainees we take are men, enemies to the bratva, loyal to the Italian Mafia or the Colombian Cartel.

Where do Lucy's loyalties lie?

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