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Nikita is spending the day visiting the mafia. I'm not happy that he's going there alone and begged him to take one of the other men with him as backup.

He refused.

The man is stubborn, but he assured me that nothing will happen to him.

I can't eat breakfast for worrying about his return to the house. I sit at the dining room table with Zion while he eats his cereal. The kid picks up on so much but is oblivious to my fears, probably for the best.

"Morning," Hannah says, carrying an empty bowl and a milk jug. Bay has a box of sugary cereal and plops down at the dining room table beside Zion.

I offer a weak smile to Hannah. Trying not to worry about Nikita is impossible. But I don't want to upset the kids, either.

"Big day?" Hannah asks, making small talk.

I exhale a nervous breath. "I'll say," I mutter.

She smiles a little too cheerily. "Zion, are you excited to start a new school today?"

"No," he mumbles between bites of his breakfast. He glances beside him at Bay. It's too bad that she's a few years younger and won't be at his new school with him.

Hannah glances at me with a wry grin. "Would you mind watching Bay this afternoon? One of Mikhail's men will pick her up from preschool, but I'd rather not have them babysit." She scrunches her nose at the very suggestion. "I'm not sure what time we'll be back, but it should be before Bay goes to bed."

"I'd be happy to," I say. Hannah has been a tremendous help with Zion, how can I say no? Besides, Nikita hasn't told me when I go back to work for him at the club, or if the club can even open. He mentioned swinging by this morning to look at the damage after speaking with the Italians.

"Good," Hannah says, and her smile grows even brighter.

"Do you have plans for this afternoon?" I ask, trying to figure out what has her so blissfully happy, but I don't want to intrude if it's private, either. We don’t know each other that well yet.

"Surprise plans. Luka is taking me out someplace special." It's like she's trying to contain her giddiness. I can see where Bay gets her energy.

"Do you think he's going to propose?" I ask.

"I hope so!" she squeals.

If he doesn't ask her to marry him, she will kill him.

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