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Six Weeks Later

The flight from New York to Montana isn't bad, but the drive afterward is tedious with an anxious and impatient six-year-old who is overtired and hungry.

"Are we there yet?" Zion whines from the backseat. He wiggles in his booster seat and peers out the side window.

This is the first time I've brought him to Breckenridge, my childhood home. The kid is used to skyscrapers and bustling city. For Zion, it's like stepping into a foreign country.

"Not yet," Nikita says. He's driving and glances at the onscreen dashboard with navigation control. It's linked to his cell phone. Surprisingly, we are still getting a decent signal for being in the middle of nowhere.

"I'm hungry," Zion whines.

"I've got something you can snack on," I say and dig out a granola bar from my purse. I unwrap the snack and hand it back to him.

Zion isn't a particularly neat eater. The granola crumbles in pieces onto the floor. "Oops," he says, his eyes wide and bright.

"It's okay, buddy." Nikita glances at Zion in the rearview mirror. "That's what rental cars are for, right?"

"Are you teaching him it's okay to destroy other people's property?" I'm half-joking as I give a long side glare at Nikita.

"It's a few crumbs. I don't think he's technically destroying anything when a vacuum can pick it up."

We turn off the main road for the mountain pass up ahead. My stomach aches, and my hands twitch. I rub them on my jeans. The hotel we would stay at is closed for renovations, so we're bunking with Declan and Katie. Declan promised to pick up an extra air mattress and insisted that he has the room for us.

It's hard not to feel like an imposition, but this news, I want to share in person with my sister.

The GPS zonks out halfway up the mountain pass, and I give Nikita directions. Thankfully, the weather is fair, and there aren't any signs of inclement weather over the next few days while we're in town.

It's too warm to go skiing or snowboarding, but I'm sure there are some fun outdoor activities that we can do together as a family.


It still takes a beat to get used to that word, realizing that I'm married. And to be honest, I like it.

We've only been wed a short time, but Nikita can't keep his hands off me, and I feel the same way. I want to drag him to bed or any variety of fun places at every chance I get, but having a kid doesn't necessarily make it easy, and neither does living under someone else's roof.

But we're safe, and that's what matters.

The mafia hasn't come back. They haven't threatened Zion or me. Nikita insists that he will protect us, and our marriage is just the beginning of that bond.

We pull up to the log cabin. There's not another house for what appears to be miles. The moment we're out of the car, the cabin's front door is thrust open, and Katie comes hurrying outside.

"You're here!" Katie squeals.

Zion unbuckles his seatbelt and climbs out of his booster seat while I open the back door. He jumps out onto the gravel driveway.

There was a wave of dust in the air that followed our vehicle down the driveway. "This place is pretty remote," I say. I forgot what it was like to live out here. It's been so long since I've been back.

"Come on inside," Katie says, ushering us into the house.

Declan heads down the porch steps. "Can I help with your bags?" he offers, glancing Nikita over from head to toe.

Declan is wearing a pair of worn blue jeans and a flannel shirt. He's got a decent tan from being out in the sun for a few too many hours, probably for work.

Nikita is dressed in his black suit and white shirt, overdressed, but he wouldn't listen to me about changing into something more practical.

"I hope you brought some more comfortable clothes," Declan quips.

"I'm comfortable," Nikita says without a smile.

"Boys!" I call back over my shoulder, glancing at them. Their exchange isn't the least bit quiet or pleasant, although I suppose it could be worse. It's like they're sizing each other up, but why? Does Nikita think Declan isn't good enough for my sister? Or is he worried that he's going to endanger our lives?

Declan proved himself honorable when he protected Zion and Katie. Of course, he did terrify me when he tossed me into his vehicle, but I understand his motivations. I've forgiven him, mostly.

Nikita pops the trunk, and they both grab a piece of luggage and carry it up to the house.

"Did you pack for a week?" Declan jokes as he lugs the suitcase with Zion's and my clothes combined.

"It would seem that way," I say. "We're just staying a few days. Then, we have to get back to the city."

"That's a shame," Katie says. "I'd love to show you around town, give you a tour, let you see how much everything has changed."

Nikita clears his throat. "And you can't do that in a day?"

He doesn't strike me as a guy who likes small towns. Maybe it's because he's still in his shiny black shoes and buttoned-up suit coat. "You know, you can unwind while we're here," I say to Nikita. "Some might consider this a vacation."

We never did go on a honeymoon, and while I wouldn't call this place a romantic getaway, it is outside the city. Far outside.

"You'll know when I take you on vacation," Nikita says. He pins me with his stare. "There won't be any question about what that looks like."

My mouth is dry, and I can feel Katie and Declan exchange glances. They're probably wondering what brings us to town. I didn't elaborate on the phone that I was bringing good news.

"Katie, Declan," I say, getting both of their attention. "We're married!" I grin and flash my wedding band at my sister for her to get a look at, showing her that this isn't some practical joke. It's real. We're wed.

"Wow!" Katie's mouth hangs agape. Her eyes are wide, and she shuffles toward me, arms open to embrace me with another hug. "Let me see that beauty."

I show her my left hand, letting her get a nice, long look at the wedding band adorning my finger.

"Congratulations," Declan says. He holds out his hand to Nikita, offering his sincere greetings.

"Thanks," Nikita says.

"We have some news of our own," Katie grins. She twirls a strand of her hair. I wrestle her hand away from her hair. It's a nervous habit that she's never been able to break. "We're pregnant!" Katie announces.

"Congratulations," I say and pull her in for another hug. I'm excited for her. She's always been so great with my son. I have no doubt that she'll make a fantastic mother. "How far along are you?" I ask.

"Almost three months," Katie says and puts a hand on her abdomen. "We've been waiting to tell people, but we wanted our families to be the first to know."

* * *

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