His Desert Bride By Demand - Page 15

He turned his back on her, and she wilted as he closed the door behind him.

He’d pulled her from her life and thrust her into his—and she was out of her depth. But she’d got on the plane because she’d wanted to, she reminded herself. She wanted him. Wanted a moment in time she could call hers. But this wasn’t her moment. It would not happen in between gold sheets because she wasn’t ready and he knew it.

Keeping her clothes on, she stalked over to the bed, kicked off her shoes and ripped back the coverlet. She climbed inside, fully clothed, and pulled the golden sheets up to her chin. But something niggled at her. The way he looked at her. Saw her. Anticipated her needs.

No one ever did that for her. It was always her catering to everyone else. Her father... But Akeem? He’d known she needed rest before she’d admitted it to herself. He’d known she needed to control things even when she was baiting him to take her to bed.

A fatigue unlike any she’d known pulled her eyelids down despite her best efforts to keep them open.

Darkness claimed her.

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