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“Yeah,” I say. “I ran that over in my mind, too, but the club does host all kinds of sordid events. Honestly, I’d bet that he’s not really the one setting up the auction. He’s probably just trying to ride someone else’s coattails to weasel in with us and get on our good side. I bet you that he asks one of us for a job afterwards,” I finish.

Mike and Harry nod.

“It won’t work, but if Benny is telling the truth about the auction specifics …” Mike drawls.

“It sounds fuckin’ hot,” Harry finishes. “Fuck it. I’m in.”

“You?” I look at Mike.

My buddy’s smile is wicked and I can practically see the fantasies playing like a movie behind his eyes.

“You’re damn straight I’m in because there’s no way I’m letting the two of you enjoy a woman who’s willing to sell her holes one by one without me. I mean, the fucking depravity. She must be a gem.”

Smiling, I nod, and then wave over the waitress for a refill. She’s sassy with a generous smile, and goddamn, it’d be nice to make her scream with my hands wrapped up in her brown curls while I fuck her pussy, holding her hair back with Mike and Harry taking care of her other holes. But then she flashes us a sweet smile and for just a minute, I wonder if what we’re doing is wrong. After all, would a woman really consent to this? Would she really let herself be auctioned off “for parts,” so to say?

But then I shrug it off. It’s not my problem and besides, many women have a dirty side. There’s probably a hidden temptress down in our mystery woman’s core, and she just wants to find the right situation to explore her filthy desires.

I adjust my dick in my pants so it’s not straining against my zipper, and turn to hold my glass up to Harry and Mike.

“To us,” I announce. “I’ll let Benny know we’re game.”

“And tell him to set it up asap,” Harry says quickly. “The thought of this is fucking rancid and I want in.”

I laugh.

“Will do, my friend. Will do.” With that, the wheels are set in motion for the filthiest chapter of my life … and also, the most rewarding.

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