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My libido pumps as I wait in a sitting room with my friends. Harry’s pacing up and down the small room, oblivious to the luxe furnishings. James looks bored as he plays with something on his phone. After all, the auction is about to start but where the fuck is that asshole Benny?

Then, the doorknob turns and in saunters the big oaf himself, whistling cheerfully. His hair looks greasier than usual, and red acne dots his chin. Steroids will wreck your skin, but I guess he thinks being super-sized is worth it.

“Mr. Macklowe, Mr. Crew, Mr. Wood,” Benny sing-songs. “The product is ready for your inspection.”

The way he refers to the girl as a product makes me lose control of my facial expression and I practically snarl at the dumbass, but I manage to refrain from ripping him the new one he so obviously deserves. Instead, I just nod curtly.

“Take us to her.”

With that, Benny spins around and leads us out of the room and into the hallway. The Club Z compound is huge and I don’t think I’ve ever been in this section before. But I nod at my friends and follow the large man as he takes us down the hall before opening a door on the right.

“After you,” he says courteously. Harry, James, and I file into the room and that’s when my heart stops and I swear I can actually feel all the blood go straight to my dick because inside, is the most beautiful, luscious woman perched on a pedestal. She’s on all fours with a blindfold over her eyes, but I can tell from her quick inhale that she’s sensed our presence. Fuck, who is this girl? She’s got curves for days, and a thick ass that I’d love to feel wrapped around my cock. Although her tits are nominally covered in a delicate black lace, there’s no hiding their sheer size. They’re big, voluptuous swells, the nipples dragging against the surface of the table. My hands itch to feel their weight. To tweak those hard peaks pebbled against the lace of her lingerie, barely contained.

But then Benny steps in front us, blocking my direct view of the goddess on the pedestal. He’s got a stupid fucking grin on his face and I glare at him, suppressing the urge to knock the look off his ugly mug. Oblivious, he claps his hands together like a ringmaster at a circus.

“Gentlemen, before we move forward,” the oily man proclaims, “I want to go over the specifics of this auction. The rules, so to say.”

I nod.

“Go ahead,” James says in a cold voice.

Benny’s smile falters for just a second before it returns.

“As you know, today’s auction is special because you’re not bidding on a “whole” girl, as per custom. Instead, today we’re auctioning off Sierra’s holes one by one. Pussy. Ass. Mouth.”

The girl behind him gasps, turning her head in our direction even though she’s been blindfolded and can’t see anything. Clearly, this particular aspect of the auction is news to her.

James stares, his eyes narrowed on Benny.

“You sure the girl’s okay with this?”

Benny laughs nervously.

“Of course,” he says in a smooth tone. “I mentioned it to her. Sort of. Maybe it was only in passing, but I definitely did mention it.”

Fuck. What a goddamn loser. I step towards the girl, careful not to startle her.

“Baby, are you game for this?” I say in a low voice. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. We’re happy to pay you even if you leave right now because obviously, your manager didn’t explain this auction in detail.”

It’s true too because as hard as I am, and as much as I’m dying to dig my fingers into her curves, I’ll never be down for something if it’s not completely consensual, and I know my friends aren’t into that either. Meanwhile, the pretty brunette bites her bottom lip for a second as her breasts tremble, making me groan. Fuck, she’s gorgeous and I hope she says yes because it will be hard as hell to walk away from her. But I’ll do it if necessary. We all will.

“It’s okay,” she murmurs in a soft tone. “I mean, yes. I’m in.”

“Good,” I growl. “That’s all we needed to hear.”

I’d be lying if I said the added kink of auctioning her in parts didn’t add to the excitement because honestly, it’s something we’ve never done before. Who wins in the end doesn’t even matter because James, Harry and I know that we’re going to be in all three of her holes no matter what. In fact, just seeing this woman makes clear she’s going to be one hell of a time in bed, and we’re going to treat her so well that she comes back for more.

“Excellent!” Benny booms behind me. “Well, that’s settled.” Then, he steps away from the pretty woman, gesturing to her prone form with one hand. “As you wish, gentlemen,” he giggles in a silky tone. “This is yours for the night. You can touch her, of course, and sample the goods before buying, but rest assured, Benny Cumberland only provides the best product.”

Grinding my teeth at the use of the word ‘product’ again, I step forward, as do Harry and James. I shift my focus to the girl, trying to block Benny from my mind completely. But then, an idea takes hold and I swivel around to face the lackey.

“Actually Benny, we’d like to have some privacy. If you wouldn’t mind?” I ask, one brow arched. Although it’s phrased as a question, it’s clear that there’s only one right answer, and sure enough, the man bows and retreats.

“Certainly, Mr. Macklowe. Just let me know when you’re finished.”

Then, Benny disappears and we’re alone in the room with the sweet girl. She’s still on her hands and knees, big breasts trembling slightly. To my delight, her pussy’s wet and pink, ready to be stroked. But still, I have to be sure everything’s squared away.

“Are you okay, sweetness?” I ask in a low tone. “It’s not too late to back out.”

“You can leave any time you want,” Harry adds next to me.

“No harm, no foul,” James chimes in, his blue eyes bright.

Of course, my fingers are itching to touch her, and to our relief, she nods.

“Yes, I’m ready,” Sierra manages in a soft voice. “Please, do as you wish, gentlemen.”

That’s all the invitation I need. I start with the silky smooth skin on her back, running my fingers from the top of her spine over the curved expanse to just above the mound of her ass where the black lace lingerie forms a strap. Goosebumps follow the path of my fingers along her skin, and when I reach the top of the lingerie she sucks in a sharp breath, pushing back, opening her legs wider. Harry, James, and I growl appreciatively.

“So responsive,” James murmurs, stepping up behind her. “Just what we like.”

Harry and I moved to flank her on either side and then we both bend enough to get a good view of her big tits, being held hostage by that lace. At the same time, we reach under and grip the fabric, pulling it back to free her heavy breasts. Sierra lets out a small gasp and I pause.

“Is everything okay?” I growl. “You good, sweetheart?”

She bites her lip and nods slightly, and then we groan as her tits swing free, soft and luscious. The pink nipples are hard and begging for attention so we each cup a creamy mound, massaging the weight in our hands before rolling her nipples between our fingers.

“Ohhhh,” she sighs breathily, as her pussy visibly moistens. “Mmm.”

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