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Iwas surprised when my buyers didn’t ask to consummate the deal immediately after the auction. Instead, I was patted on the rump, kissed and caressed a bit more, and then Harry whispered in my ear, “We’ll see you soon, pretty girl.” Startled, I didn’t move. What?

But Benny let me know that my buyers wanted to pick up later, and now I’m perched on a stool at the Club Z bar. Reflexively, I scan the room, my heart in my throat. It’s filled with the usual crowd of handsome men in suits accompanied by flirtatious women wearing tiny, barely-there outfits. But where are my buyers? I haven’t seen their faces yet, but I’m sure I’d recognize the billionaire businessmen from their sheer charisma alone.

Then again, I hope I don’t stick out sitting here all alone. Of course, nothing is actually “different” from how it usually is; I just feel different because for the first time, I’m waiting at the bar instead of working behind it. Moreover, instead of my usual attire of short skirts and bikini tops, I’ve decided to dress up a bit, as befits a customer. I have a cocktail dress on, but to be honest, it can hardly be called a dress. Instead, it’s more like a handkerchief that wraps around my bottom, with a chain link forming a halter. My breasts are just about popping out of the low décolletage, and the hem is so short that if I were to bend over, it would ride up and show everyone in the room my sweet, pulsing pinkness. Oh God, have I made the right choice? Am I dressed appropriately? Maybe I should have just stuck to my usual outfit.

But at that moment, low male voices draw my attention to the entrance. I gasp and my eyes go wide because three men who look like gods just walked in and they’re incredibly handsome. All of them have dark hair, and I can sense the flash of blinding blue gazes. Not only that, but their features are chiseled, and all three of them are tall and well-built beneath their expensive suits

My heart immediately starts racing, and my body begins to heat up. These must be my buyers. Sure enough, they approach my small table, and I stand nervously, clutching my hands together. Then time stops as the handsome man on the right greets me.

“Please sit, Sierra,” he says in a low rasp. “I’m James, and this is Mike and Harry,” he introduces.

“Hi,” I manage, my voice nearly a whisper.

The two men smile in return.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Mike drawls.

“You look beautiful tonight,” Harry remarks, his blue eyes running over my curves with appreciation. “Please, sit.” My cheeks flush as I obey, trying to position the material of my skirt so that I don’t flash my pussy, but the three men merely watch with amusement.

“You look perfect,” James reassures me. “Even better than at the auction.”

I flush bright red again.

“Oh, that,” is my whisper.

“Yes that,” Mike growls, his blue eyes flashing. “It was a wonderful experience, wouldn’t you say? And now, we’re here together.”

James laughs deep in his throat then.

“Yeah, but let’s start this off right,” he drawls. “Can we get anything for you?” the handsome man asks, his eyes locked on mine.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I smile and say, “A glass of moscato would be great, thank you.”

The men nod and signal a waitress, who takes our orders and disappears. Then, we’re left alone again, and my pulse races as I look from man to man. Goodness, how did I get so lucky? These are no trolls. In fact, they’re gorgeous and obviously very powerful men, with their air of charisma and sheer presence like a force in the room.

“So,” Mike grin, “now that you’ve had some time to sit with it, do you have any regrets about participating in the auction?” The waitress reappears with our drinks, and I take a moment to sip at the pale liquid. Then, I sit it down and slowly shake my head.

“No. No regrets at all.”

After all, how could I have regrets? It was sensuous being touched like that, knowing soon there’d be more.

Harry grins and nods.

“Good, because we just wanted to be sure. It seemed like Benny might not have been clear with you about all the conditions,” he drawls.

I nod and then sigh ruefully.

“Yes, because Benny has a way of being vague about everything, so I knew to go in expecting some surprises. Especially since it was my first time being auctioned.”

“Your first?” James asks, looking puzzled. “Really?”

I nod.

“Yes. I’m sorry you didn’t know. I’m actually a bartender here at Club Z, and generally, only hostesses are invited to participate in Club Z auctions. But Benny’s my boss, and he approached me with the opportunity to participate, saying that it was for friends. You are friends, right? He said that’s why it was a private auction.”

The three men frown, and look between each other before looking back at me.

“Benny likes to label us as his friends,” Mike begins in a slow tone, “but we’re not exactly friends, so to say. We don’t hang out or anything, but we’re friendly, if you catch my drift.”

I nod, tilting my head to the side.

“That makes more sense because it’s hard to imagine my manager with any friends, to be honest,” I say in a dry voice. “He’s a more transactional kind of guy.”

Harry laughs.

“Yeah, I think ‘transactional’ is the right way to describe Cumberland. I certainly don’t trust him, which kind of precludes any real friendship.”

But then James speaks, his voice low.

“Actually honey, I didn’t know bartenders could be auctioned. I was under the impression they were off limits when it comes to that kind of thing. When we joined a year ago, we were told that hostesses are available, but definitely not the other members of the staff. Isn’t that what you guys remember too?” he asks his friends.

Harry and Mike nod.

“Yeah, definitely,” Mike growls. “So how did this happen? I mean, we don’t know all the inner workings of this place, so I could be remembering wrong, but I don’t think so.”

I nod again.

“Yes, I think you’re right although I’ve only worked for Club Z a few months myself. But I have heard from several girls that it’s pretty common for the bartenders to become hostesses eventually. Maybe? I guess a lot of girls come in unsure about what has to be done, but once we’re here and have the chance to see the environment for ourselves, then being a hostess doesn’t seem so intimidating. Some girls do ‘graduate’ to the position, so to say.”

Mike smiles, and it’s sexy the way it highlights the structure of his strong jaw.

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