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We saunter to the elevator, and after entering the golden box, Mike hits the button for the fifteenth floor. Goodness. I shiver while surveying my companions. I’ve ridden in plenty of elevators in my life, but none has ever felt as small as this one because here I am with three huge, gorgeous men. Goosebumps cover my arms and my heart is beating so hard it’s amazing that my bidders aren’t able to hear it pounding in this small space. Plus, despite the very small cocktail dress I’m wearing, I’m hot; I’m practically going up in flames of desire.

But three sets of blue eyes regard me lazily, amused at my obvious arousal.

“You’re gorgeous, baby girl,” James rasps. “We’ll be there soon enough.”

“Unless you’d like to take that off now?” Mike drawls, one black eyebrow arched. “There are cameras, but Club Z management won’t mind, I’m sure.”

It’s then that I decide to go with the flow. Smiling coyly, I reach behind my neck, undoing the diamanté straps of my halter top, and the material slithers off, revealing my big breasts. Then I push the fabric over my hips, stepping out of the pool of silk so that I’m completely nude save for my high heels.

“I’m ready, big boys,” I coo while bobbling one breast with a hand. “Right here, right now, if you like.”

The three men groan, and then James leans forward to suck a tit into his mouth.

“Fuck, I’ve been dreaming of this,” he moans.

But then, we’re interrupted by the ding of the lift and within seconds, the doors open. With a giggle, I step out and immediately Mike grabs my hand and practically drags me me down the hall before stopping in front of a set of white double doors. Then, James jimmies the lock open and the four of us step into a large, luxurious suite. But I don’t have time to look around because the three men are on me in an instant.

“Oh,” I moan as Harry and James each suckle a hard nipple, Mike seizing my mouth with his own. Then, I let out a small, muffled giggle. Mike grumbles as he pulls his mouth from mine, cocking a brow at me.

“You laughing at me, baby?”

I titter again.

“Not really laughing at you so much as much as enjoying the sensation of being with all three of you.”

James laughs then before popping off my tit, and Mike steps up to me, his hard body flush with mine. He grips my chin and tilts my head up, rolling his hips so his erection presses against my hips, making me suck in a sharp breath. Then, he leans down so his lips are so close to mine his breath tickles them as he speaks in a low, thick tone.

“Believe me, baby, every giggle from your mouth makes me even harder. So yeah, let’s get this show on the road because I need to fuck you. Now.”

Before I realize what he’s doing, he bends down and picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I squeal, totally nude and slung over his hard back like a sack of grain, but then I’m carried into the master bedroom suite and dumped on a huge, California-king bed. It’s so large that it looks like a flotation device, and I gasp.

“Goodness!” is my remark. The three men don’t even pause. James’s hand caresses my ass before slipping between my thighs, but only for a moment.

“Fuck,” he growls, “what a dirty girl we have on our hands. Sierra’s already soaking wet for us.”

Then, he puts the finger he just slid through my pussy lips in his mouth and sucks my nectar from it, groaning as he pulls it out.

“Your taste is delectable,” he rasps.

“Oh god,” I moan quietly as my pussy spasms just watching him. But now, the three men have sprung into motion. They stand before me removing their jackets, and then unbuttoning their shirts and pushing them to the floor. Three bare chests are revealed, masculine and broad with abs resembling a proverbial washboard. But I can’t breathe because I’m on sensory overload as I watch their hands move to their pants. Suddenly it feels as if my three men are moving in slow motion, unbuttoning and then pulling down their zippers. Sure enough, a trio of hard cocks spring out, already smeared with fluid at the tip and pulsing with desire.

“Oh my God,” I moan, my mouth going dry. “You’re huge!”

Mike fists his rod, a pearl of liquid beading at the tip. “Yes, but you can take it,” he growls. “You’ve got three holes, and there are three of us. You have more than enough, Sierra.”

I nod breathlessly, watching as he traces a bulging vein with his thumb before smearing pre-come over his rod so that it glistens. My pussy pulses with anticipation, growing wet with need. Then, the three men approach, coming onto the bed as Harry and James lean forward to press kisses to both sides of my neck. Swirling their tongues over my sensitive skin, they nip gently just below my ears.

“Mmm,” I moan, astonished at how sensual the act is.

“So sexy,” Harry murmurs in my ear.

“You’re a goddess,” I hear James whisper in my other ear.

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