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Mike doesn’t hesitate.

“Our expulsion from the club?” he drawls. “Is there a reason for that?”

The twins look pensive, steepling their hands in thought.

“There is,” Clay begins. “Evidently, an unsanctioned auction took place at which Miss Malone was sold for parts, from what I understand. As you know, our auctions are generally public, and conducted under the watchful eye of an experienced auctioneer, as well as other professionals to ensure the safety and comfort of our women. Your participation in the auction merited expulsion.”

The three men look stunned.

“The auction was sanctioned,” Harry begins in a low voice.

“The bar manager, Benny, extended the invitation and assured us that everything was legit,” Mike adds.

Casper and Clay shrug.

“Unfortunately, Benny acted on his own without club approval. His job is to run the bar, and to manage the small staff working for him. Nothing else. He had no authority to set-up this private auction, and I’m sorry to say that you were duped.” He nods. “As soon as these events came to light, Mr. Cumberland was terminated. He’s currently being held in the club’s dungeon.”

My eyes widen as I stare at the handsome twins. Dungeon? Holy moly. After all, there are rumors that on occasion, the club will mete out punishment on is own, but I always thought it was just a rumor. Guess not.

Meanwhile, Mike motions between Harry, James, and himself.

“We’re businessmen, too,” he says in a smooth tone. “We understand the need for rules and regulations, and clearly, your employee fucked up. But again, we were approached by him and assured that everything was above-board. We certainly wouldn’t have participated, knowing what we know now.”

The twins contemplate those words for a moment, but then shake their heads.

“Unfortunately, what’s done is done and we can’t turn a blind eye to these transgressions. We simply can’t let it get out that you took part in an unsanctioned auction, and yet are still members. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue? So regretfully, we’ve terminated your membership.”

That’s when I step in because I was a part of all of this. I sit up and speak.

“No, it’s my fault,” I say quickly. “I know I never should have trusted Benny. Please, don’t kick them out. I’m begging you.”

But the twins merely shake their heads.

“You, Miss Malone,” Clay drawls, “are a young woman who’s only been with Club Z a matter of months. There was no way you could have known what’s legit and what’s not. Unfortunately, you were paired with a despicable manager, and have paid the price. However, due to your age and inexperience, we’ve decided not to fire you. You’re welcome to stay with the club, as a bartender only, of course. Hostessing is still strictly off limits.”

I gawp at him as my three men snort.

“Really?” growls James. “So that’s it?”

“Sayonara, see you later?” mocks Harry.

Clay and Casper nod.

“I’m afraid so,” says one twin. “There is no appeals process, so unfortunately, our decision is final. Dorinda will see you out now.”

With that, the door opens, revealing the middle-aged woman in its frame. I shoot my men a panicked look, but evidently Mike, Harry and James have had enough. They get up and without another word, stalk out of the office as I trail after them.

“Fuckers,” Harry grunts as we make our way down the hallway.

There are tears in my eyes as I look at them.

“What happens now?”

James merely grins and slings an arm around my shoulders.

“Life goes on,” he says lightly. “Hell, we don’t need this place anyways. We were hardly here, and there are plenty of clubs in the city that will take our money. Although I do want my last membership payment refunded,” he grouses. “That’s six figures straight back into my pocket.”

With that, he holds my hand as the four of us walk out of Club Z for the final time. Even though I’m nominally still a bartender, I know this place isn’t for me because without Harry, James, and Mike, it’s nothing but a shell of what could be.

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