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Six months later.

I look around Club Z, rubbing my pregnant belly ruefully. It’s nice to be back, I admit. After all, we thought we’d been expelled for good, but after a few months, Clay and Casper reached out once more. Evidently, they’d changed the rules so that private auctions are now legit, so I guess the reason for expelling us was moot. Now I’m here with my men to view a private auction as proctors of a sort, seeing that we were the first.

We’re in a small room where a nude girl awaits on a pedestal. She too is on her hands and knees, although no men are present yet. I rub my belly again, already feeling aroused. Hell, pregnancy has made my libido go crazy and I reach one hand out for Harry’s palm. But my man does me better. He’s standing next to me, and undoes his fly, revealing that huge cock. I titter because I know what he wants, and immediately begin tugging on the stiff pole.

Mike joins in too, undoing his pants on the other side of me so that I can fasten my left hand around his shaft as well. Then I begin tugging in tandem, my men moaning a bit as we wait for the auction to begin.

I giggle because this is the life. After our expulsion, my men moved me into a big penthouse in the sky of which they’re co-owners. We set up a nursery for the baby, and of course there’s a giant master suite that sees a lot of action. Best of all, there’s a huge California king in the room which gets plenty of use, andhell, the springs are probably so worn down already that we’ll have to get a new mattress soon, even though it’s only been a matter of months.

But now, the men participating in the auction enter the room, and they immediately approach the gorgeous girl on the pedestal. Her name is Harlow, from what I’ve been told, and she moans a bit as the guys caress her voluptuous curves before jiggling her big breasts and then inspecting her holes for auction. Oh shit, this is so wrong. I see one of the men hold her ass cheeks apart while another probes her back door with his finger before slipping it into that hot tunnel. A throaty moan escapes Harlow’s throat as her head drops, her body shuddering with desire.

The debauchery is so illicit that soon, I’m wet just from watching. My men sense my neediness and James grins because he hasn’t gotten his due yet. The big man stands in front of me, blocking my view of the auction, and unzips his pants before tracing my lips with his enormous member.

“Open baby girl,” he rasps. “I know you like what you see.”

Of course, I immediately part my lips, sucking hard on that stiff shaft while tugging Mike and Harry with each of my hands. Our groans blend, rising to the Heavens, but before we reach a peak, Harry’s eyes fly open. He looks down at me with that brilliant blue gaze and then produces a velvet box from thin air. Inside is an enormous diamond ring, and he proffers it to me.

“Baby,” he moans. “You’ve been so good to us. I mean, look at you now with your hands and mouth full of our members. You are everything to us, Sierra Malone, and we want to marry you. Will you, sweetheart? Will you be the mother of our children, and stay with us for the rest of our days?”

I can’t answer, although my eyes fly open because this is so dirty. I’m being proposed to, even while my mouth and hands suckle and tug furiously.

“I know you can’t answer,” James intones. “But just nod sweetheart, if it’s a yes, because we want you so bad.”

I nod furiously then, choking a bit on the shaft in my mouth as my hands pick up speed.

“Thank god you’ve said yes,” Harry growls, his arousal ratcheting up to the point of no return. “Because I can’t hold back anymore. Oh shit oh shit oh shit, here it comes!” Then he jerks back and ejaculates hard all over my swollen form. Jizz spurts over my breasts and tummy even as James and Mike let go as well.

“Fuck!” they cry. “Oh shit!”

I swallow furiously as I’m sprayed with warm male cream all over my shoulders and breasts. It’s so wrong and yet I moan deliriously, loving every second of the debauchery. Even better, Harry manages to slide the ring onto my finger through the firestorm, and I know deep in my heart that this is how it’s going to be for the rest of our lives. Me and my men have always engaged in the utmost filth, and that’s the way we want it, through sickness and health, and until death do us part.


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