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What are you up to, Duke Carson?Kitty’s sweet voice echoed in his mind as if she were sitting right there beside him. A soft chuckle vibrated the back of his throat.

The very first time they met—at his cousin Andy’s Halloween hayride—Kitty had been able to read Duke like a book. Meeting a woman who understood him on such a visceral level, one he didn’t have to explain himself or his feelings to, was like finding a golden needle in a haystack. That was just one of the many reasons he’d fallen in love with her. Kitty had been like a breath of fresh air.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, darlin’. If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to start ordering them Russian brides. I just hope it doesn’t come to that. They’re going to have a hard enough time forgiving me for what I’m about to do.”

Another gust of wind rattled the tree, sending a second leaf floating to the tip of his boot. While Duke didn’t believe in ghosts, he didn’t believe in coincidence, either. He knew in his heart, Kitty was not only listening, but also answering him.

His heart clutched and tears burned the backs of his eyes.

“God, I miss you, baby. Miss sitting under these stars with you at night. Miss your smile and the way your eyes lit up when I came in from the field. Miss the sound of your voice, your laughter, and the way you sang in the kitchen when you cooked. Miss the feel of your warm, lush lips pressed to mine and your soft hands caressing my body.”

His voice had grown raspy with grief.

“I miss you snuggling up in my arms each night and waking with your head still on my chest. I hate being here without you, Kitty…fucking hate that you’re gone.”

Swallowing the sob rising from deep in his chest, Duke stood and stepped toward the tree. After lifting his hand, he traced the tip of his finger over the initials they’d each carved into the trunk thirty-nine years ago to the day.

Memories of their wedding day crowded his brain as Houston suddenly eased in beside him.

Duke quickly wiped the fresh tears from his cheeks.

“Happy anniversary,” Houston murmured, focusing on his mom’s headstone to give Duke the privacy to pull himself together.

“It’d be a whole lot happier if she were here to celebrate it with me.”

“I know, Pa.” Houston clapped him on the shoulder with a gentle squeeze. “We miss her every day, too.”

With a nod, Duke dragged in a ragged breath, then glance at the barn. “Go fetch Austin, then the two of you meet me back at the house. I need to talk to you boys about something.”

Houston didn’t ask a single question, simply nodded and jogged away.

Duke glanced at the stars one last time and exhaled a heavy sigh.

“Wish me luck, sweetheart. I’m going to need it,” he muttered before turning and strolling into the house.

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