The Cowboy's Virgin Baby Momma - Page 27


Paige was all up in his head…both of them.

As Austin strolled back to the bar, Gina—who was handing Paige another glass of water—held him with a dubious stare. It was the same look his mom used to give him when he was about to get grounded…or worse.

Yeah, he was in trouble all right. He couldn’t fuck up too much or he’d lose everything. If he didn’t keep his head on straight where Paige was concerned, his Dad would hand the ranch over to Houston or Dallas. Austin couldn’t let that happen. He’d already tempted fate simply dancing with Paige. When he reached the bar, he didn’t bother sitting back down. He simply gripped his mug and chugged the beer.

“Seems we both worked up a…thirst,” Paige drawled with a throaty chuckle as she set her empty glass down.

Her flirty innuendo destroyed him.

Austin had to leave…now, before he did something reckless and stupid, something lewd, and immoral that would land him on his dad’s shit list, or in jail. He reached into his pocket and tossed some bills on the table, then tipped his hat at Paige.

“Have a good night, little girl.” Forcing a smile he hoped didn’t resemble a grimace, Austin turned and headed toward the door.

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