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Snaking a thick arm around her waist, Austin tucked her in tight against his side. Engulfed in the sinful heat and scent of his body, Paige didn’t protest as he led her into the inky alcove. She glanced at the Closed sign on the door as Austin spun her around to face him. Paige’s heart raced as prowled in closer while his erotic hooded gaze studied the contours of her face. Shuffling backward until her backside met the cold, plate-glass window, she swallowed tightly.

“You’re playing with fire, little girl. If you don’t stop, we’re both gonna get burned beyond recognition.”

She tried to make sense of his words, but his low voice and wet breath collided with the mounting ache between her legs, short-circuiting her brain.

“If you’re not a hundred-percent sure you’re ready to dive into danger, tell me now. Understand?”

No. Not completely.

But Paige nodded anyway. She didn’t care about rules, risks, or consequences. Not when each raspy syllable scraping the back of his throat clawed her soul. Austin cupped her cheeks, igniting sparks to zip from head to toe, then dipped his chin and leaned in. He was so close she could taste the beer on his tongue.

“Be sure, little girl…be absolutely sure,” he warned, tilting her head back even farther.

“I am.”

His nostrils flared and his breath roughened. Holding her prisoner with a stormy stare, Austin cupped her nape and aligned her mouth beneath his.

“I’ll be as gentle as I—”

“No. I don’t want gentle. I want you.”

“God help us both,” he muttered, sliding his fingers up her scalp before cinching a fist in her hair.

Tingles skipped across her head.

Tremors, equal parts excitement and fear, quaked her body.

Easing in closer, Austin pressed himself against her, pinning her firmly against the glass before rocking his hips and wedging his thick, hard erection between her folds.

Liquid fire flooded her veins.

The ache between her legs swelled, pulsing and throbbing.

When a needy whimper spilled off her tongue, Austin brushed a feather-soft kiss across her lips.

“We’re both going to hell, you know that, right?”

“I don’t care,” she panted.

“Neither do I.”

Austin’s words were still vibrating her ribs as his mouth crashed over hers, stealing the air from her lungs. With an urgent yet tender caress, he nuzzled and nudged her lips, pouring passion and hunger into her like a thundering waterfall.

Paige groaned, drowning in a mind-bending bliss she’d never dreamed possible. Then again, how could she? She’d only ever been kissed by boys who hadn’t a clue what they were doing.

Not Austin.

He was a man…all man.

A confident, commanding man, magically climbing deeper inside her with each sublime stroke of his commanding lips. A man clearly capable of destroying her in ways Paige couldn’t comprehend…yet. But she was dying to learn.

Lost in a dizzying cyclone of demand, Paige wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. With a guttural groan of approval, Austin swept his tongue along the seam of her lips. Paige didn’t readily invite him in for fear he’d incinerate her to ash.

But Austin didn’t relent. He simply dismantled her fears one masterful stroke of his tongue after the next. Sliding her hands to his chiseled biceps, Paige fisted his shirt, then bravely parted and let him in.

He groaned again, then like a hungry animal, plunged past her lips. As Austin swallowed her kitten-soft moans, his tongue swept over hers, scraping, lashing, and swirling every wet crevice. Head spinning and heart racing, Paige whimpered when wrapped his tongue around hers, then with a lewd, lazy glide, pulled her into his sweltering mouth and suckled softly.

Her nipples tingled and tightened.

Her nerve endings sang.

Her body hummed.

Her heart roared.

Her skin grew so tight her clothes chafed.

An aching pressure, heavy and demanding, pressed in all around her.

Austin continued swallowing the pitiful whimpers scraping off her throat as she clung to him like a lifeline. Straining for more, Paige opened wider, boldly tangling her tongue with his.

She felt his cock grow impossibly harder.



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