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Sailing past the heavens, Paige shook and shuddered as her pussy contracted and fluttered. Lost in spine-bending bliss, she was barely aware that Austin’s kiss had softened or his fingertips lightly circled her nipple. But when he eased his steely cock from her core, stealing the decadent heat fueling her fire, she issued a desolate moan.

“Easy, baby. I’ve got you,” he murmured against her lips as he cupped her mound and gently massaged her quivering sex.

Mewling in gratitude, Paige continued sailing among the clouds as Austin slowly and gently eased her back to earth. He feathered kisses to the corners of her mouth as he carefully tucked her breast beneath her shirt. His chivalry was unexpected and…confusing. The fierce, carnal command he’d wielded as he coaxed the most epic orgasm of her life had been replaced by a tenderness and care he’d kept hidden.

What the hell just happened? How did he do that? More importantly…can he do it again?

“Are you all right?” he murmured, softly kissing her ear. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Hurt me?” she scoffed lazily. “No. Definitely not.”

Satisfaction gleamed in his blue eyes as a lazy smile tugged his lips. “Watching you come undone was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen, little girl.”

“I’m not a little girl,” she protested in a raspy voice. “Little girls don’t do things like…that.”

He softly chuckled. “True, but I’m still not convinced you’re a woman…yet.”

“Maybe not, but I’m getting closer.”

Austin briefly closed his eyes and groaned.

“Indeed you are. But before I do something I’ll regret…” He stroked a knuckle down her cheek causing her to quake all over again. “Aww, fuck it. I need one more taste.”

He bent and pressed a kiss to her lips, so warm and soft that tears stung her eyes. Paige wanted to stay hidden in the shadows with him like this until the end of time.

But a peal of laughter beyond their secret shelter destroyed that fantasy. They tensed in tandem, and Austin tore from her mouth and froze. Paige pressed her back against the glass and held her breath…hopelessly trying to make herself invisible.

“Don’t move,” Austin whispered.

I didn’t plan to.

Rooted in place, he shielded her body—now trembling for completely different reasons—and peered over his shoulder. The voices faded in the distance before a couple of car doors slammed. Paige exhaled in relief.

That was too close for comfort.

Suddenly, the ramifications of being caught in a darkened alcove with Austin plowed through her. Paige wasn’t naïve. After spending so many summers in the tiny fishbowl of Haven, she knew that if anyone stumbled upon them, gossip would spread faster than the speed of light. There was no way in hell her grandpa wouldn’t find out about the life-altering orgasm Austin had just given her.

Anxiety spiked.

“I-I really should be going,” she stammered.

“Wait. Once they drive away, I’ll walk you to your…”

“Truck,” she offered.

The realization that they knew little to none about one another—except the bad blood between their families and the fact that Austin Carson could give her the best orgasms of her life…on Main Street, no less—sent embarrassment cresting through her.

Paige had been so lost in the moment, she’d ignored the fact that colluding with the enemy would earn her a one-way ticket back to Branson.

Back to making promises to her mom she couldn’t keep.

Back to dodging stepfather number seven or eight—Paige had lost count—to steer clear of drunken tirades and lecherous stares.

Grandpa was her bastion of safety, a loving refuge to escape her mother’s irrational wrath. Paige couldn’t afford to fuck that up, especially now.

As a car engine roared to life and rumbled the opposite direction, Austin threaded his fingers through hers. “I think the coast is clear. Come on, I’ll walk you—”

“No!” Paige blanched, snatching her hand back. “I-it’s safer if I walk myself. Just wait here till I’m gone, please?”

Austin tensed and clenched his jaw, then bent and retrieved his fallen Stetson. Without a word, he settled it on his head, shielding his eyes beneath the brim.

Paige hated not being able to see and read his emotions. But then, she didn’t need to. The palpable brick wall he’d suddenly erected said it all.

Regret pierced her heart while anger singed her veins.

If it weren’t for some stupid, ancient feud, she and Austin could be friends…maybe even lovers. But they’d never know what might have blossomed between them. At least not in this lifetime. That depressing reality was still rolling through her when he pulled her against his chest.

“I know you’re freaking out, but I have to see you again.”

“W-we can’t.”

“Then we’ll have to find a way. What just happened might be enough for you, but it’s not for me. Not by a long shot.”

She couldn’t miss the massive erection still straining inside his jeans. Paige inwardly winced. Dammit, he didn’t get any relief.

“Crap, I’m sorry. Do you want me to use my hands…my mouth?” she asked, nodding toward his crotch.

Austin issued a strangled groan. “There’s nothing I’d love more than to feel your hands and mouth around me, but not here. The next time I touch you—the first time you touch me?—we’re gonna be alone, in my room, naked in my bed, little girl.”

His words painted such vivid images in her mind, heat, like a blow torch, ignited her sex. Her tunnel contracted and her clit throbbed again with a delicious ache.

The impossibility of her stepping foot inside his house, let alone his bedroom, was a slap to the face.

“How? We both know that’s never going to happen.”

“Oh, it’s gonna happen. And a whole lot more than once,” Austin assured. “In fact, give me your phone.”

“It’s in my truck.”

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