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She didn’t doubt him. Austin had proven himself more than capable each second she spent with him. Still, anticipation spiked as he stared at her sex and licked his lips as if already tasting her. He likely could. Paige’s feminine arousal clung to the air so strongly she could smell herself.

Will his wicked tongue feel as sublime against my pussy as it did my nipples?

Instead of lashing at her core the way he did her breasts, Austin lunged his open mouth over her pussy…furiously sucking and stabbing. Lightning splintered through every cell in her body, short-circuiting the synapses in her brain. Unable to string the six letters of his name together, Paige simply threw back her head and cried out in a mournful wail.

Clutching his head, she helplessly held on as Austin dragged her higher and higher toward the peak. Paige knew that pinnacle well. She’d taken herself there a hundred times. But unlike the slow climb with her own fingers, Austin’s exacting, mind-numbing, and intense ascent was building higher and faster than anything she’d ever given herself.

Teetering on the edge of ecstasy, Paige tried to separate herself from the magic of Austin’s mouth, slow her body down, and savor the pleasure he commanded. But when he scraped his teeth over her clit while stabbing deep with his thick tongue, the kaleidoscope of bliss coiling within unfurled and erupted like a volcano.

Her muscles quaked and seized.

The air in her lungs froze.

And a shimmering shower of bright lights exploded behind her eyes.

As her tunnel clutched around his tongue, Austin’s animalistic growl vibrated her to the bone. Paige bore down on his face and screamed his name, over and over, as she erupted in ecstasy.

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