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Paige was still screaming his name, clutching at his tongue, and spilling her virgin nectar down his throat as he worked his zipper. His cock burst free, relieving the painful pressure and leaking like a fountain. Austin would have hissed if he hadn’t been so busy getting drunk on her sweet juices and the waves of bliss still bursting through her body.

For the first time in years, Austin knew his heart was in danger.

No woman had ever shattered for him as blindingly brutally as Paige. Watching and feeling her come undone was the single most epic experience of his life. He’d known sparks would fly when he finally got Paige naked, but he’d never suspected how utterly combustible it would be until now. She’d blown his fucking mind.

Pleasure was still playing across her face as Austin eased a finger inside her fevered core. He bit back a curse when she squeezed her wet, throbbing tunnel around him like a velvet vise. Ignoring his jealous, lurching cock, he softly circled Paige’s swollen clit with his thumb. She jolted and cried out, clutching his digit tighter.

“That’s it…milk my finger the way you’re gonna milk my cock, little girl,” he murmured before dragging his honey-soaked tongue up her flesh as he slowly started to rise to his feet.

As he scraped his tongue over her pink, glowing skin, Paige’s hands slid from his hair, then clutched his shoulders. When he reached her breasts, he laved the warm underside of each heavy orb before lashing and nipping her berry-hard nipples.

She sucked in a gasp and ground her needy pussy against his hand, still sweetly milking his finger.

“Austin. Help me,” she moaned.

His angry cock lurched, volunteering as tribute to relieve her suffering.

“Help you with what?” he asked, lips still wrapped around her pebbled nipple.

“I-I don’t know…need…something—”

“I know exactly what you need.”

Easing his finger from her suckling wet core, Austin tongued the glistening warm nectar clean, then scooped Paige up into his arms. She tossed her boneless arms around his neck and sagged against his chest as he rounded the bed.

“Let’s get you all splayed out here, little one,” he murmured, gently placing her in the middle of the mattress. “We’ll both be more comfortable while I gorge on your pussy again.”

Her glassy eyes widened briefly before sliding shut as if too heavy to keep open.


“And again and again and again…until I’ve dragged every ounce of pleasure from your sinful body.”

“But…I-I can’t do that again.”

“Yes, you can. I’ll show you.”

Austin quickly shucked off his jeans and snagged a condom from the nightstand before climbing onto the bed and positioning himself between her long, slender legs. Keeping the condom within reach, he slid his hands between the mattress and her ass, then lifted Paige’s hips off the bed. Locked on to her heavy-lidded gaze, he dipped his head, opened his mouth, and latched onto her pussy again. Paige issued a strangled cry and gripped the comforter as he feasted on her slick, warm cunt.

Over and over Paige shattered like priceless crystal, screaming his name as if he were her only salvation. And every time she gave herself over, Austin lost another piece of his heart.

His big hands were still gripping her thighs, holding her open, and keeping her legs pointed toward the sky when he pulled his tongue from her quivering core and licked the sweet syrup from his lips. He froze and stared in awe at her sated and glowing sweat-soaked body, still trembling, twitching, and writhing in bliss. Stared at her glassy eyes, unable to focus as she continued floating somewhere off in space. Stared at her heavy breasts, tipped with hard, rosy nipples, rising and falling with each labored breath.

A lump of pride formed in his throat.

He’d done this to her, drowned her in so much ecstasy Paige didn’t know who or where she was at that moment. Austin wanted to join her, wanted to quell the screaming hunger clawing inside him.

Grabbing the condom, he bit the wrapper open, then quickly sheathed his dripping cock, dragging the latex all the way to the root. Before repositioning himself, Austin glided his tongue up her quivering folds one last time, savoring her spice.

Though every cell in his body screamed to mount and ride her hard, Austin tempered his need and licked his way up her body. When he reached her breasts, Paige lifted her heavy lids. She watched—shivering and moaning—as he teased and toyed with her nipples.

“Austin. Please…help me,” she whimpered. “I’m burning up… I’m on fire.”

He was, too, but there was no way in hell he was going to rush this. No, he intended to savor each blissful second while branding them in his brain.

Inching his way up her body, Austin hovered over her, then dipped his head and captured her lips with a long, soulful kiss. He lifted from her soft mouth slowly, drinking in her flushed skin, pink cheeks, and pure, unadulterated trust shimmering in her hazel eyes.

Anticipation mounted while tendrils of angst began threading through him again. When he’d first begun undressing her, worries swarmed his brain like locusts, eating away his confidence. Paige was so young and innocent, he feared she hadn’t lived enough life to know who she was or where she truly belonged. If she confused sex for love—like he had so long ago—things could get ugly, not just for him but for his whole family.

But when the first drop of Paige’s nectar slid over his tongue, Austin’s fears had vanished. Sadly, they’d returned for additional reasons. Austin had never taken a virgin before. Though he’d manipulated her fragile hymen as best he could when he had his fingers inside her, Paige’s passage was tight and narrow. Austin’s cock was thick and long. He didn’t know how he was going to get inside her, stretch and fill her wicked pussy without causing her pain.

The realization make his stomach twist.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Paige?”

“Yes. Please. I need to feel you inside me.”

The desperation in her voice rippled and encircled him, like a pebble tossed in a pond.

Austin stared down at her, savoring one last look of the little girl before he changed her into a woman…forever.

Slow and easy. Slow and easy.

Repeating the mantra in his brain, Austin gripped the base of his shaft and aligned his wide crest at her folds. Her wet heat raced up his cock and cupped his balls as he bent and brushed a feather-soft kiss over her lips.

“Forgive me, little girl,” he murmured.

Plunging past her lips, he invaded her mouth with his tongue while pressing the tip of his cock into her silky, tight passage. Swallowing her screams as he stretched her fragile flesh, Austin’s head swam and his body trembled before he inched back. His eyes rolled back in his head as he squeezed through her unyielding opening again. Back and forth, he slowly worked inch after throbbing inch into her narrow passage, feasting on her whimpers and moans, strumming her clit to teach her body how to soften and accept his thick cock.

Nearly seated, Austin gave one last push and filled her completely. He stilled, watching a conflagration of pleasure and pain dance across her face. With a needy moan, Paige opened her eyes, filled with confusion, panic, and agony.

Fuck. She can’t take me. I’m too big.

“Take a deep breath and I’ll pull out.”

“No. Don’t stop. Just…do something,” she panted. “It burns.”

He circled her clit faster, increasing the pressure, then slowly began rocking in and out of her heavenly core. “Is that better?”

“Oh, god. Yessss. Go faster…please?”

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