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Austin was more than happy to oblige.

Ramping up his shallow thrusts, he bent and latched his mouth over hers, eating at her with raw possession, pouring every ounce of the passion rioting inside him straight into her soul. All the while, he plucked and teased her swollen clit while Paige’s cries of delight reverberated over his tongue.

He lengthened his thrusts, driving deeper and faster into her sinful core, then lifted from her lips and feasted on her candy-hard nipples. Paige cried out and lifted her hips off the bed, unconsciously meeting his exacting strokes, one after the next as he laved, sucked, and nipped her stony peaks.

She was everything and more than he’d dreamed or fantasized.

More responsive.

More uninhibited.

More erotic.

More stunning.


It didn’t matter that he’d jacked off in the shower a few hours ago, Austin was charging toward the finish line way too fast. He had to slow his libido down…now.

“Harder. Please…I need it harder.”

She begged so sweetly, Austin couldn’t stop himself.

“Put your hands above your head,” he commanded.

Paige complied without question.

His blood began to sizzle.

Austin clenched his teeth and swallowed a howl of pure joy.

“Wrap your fingers around the slats of the headboard and don’t let go.”

Arousal flared in her eyes as she gripped them tightly.

“Do you feel helpless, little girl?”


“Do you like being at my mercy?” he asked, driving his cock slow and deep.

“Oh…” she moaned and nodded.

“Use your words.”

“Yes.” Her voice quivered.

“Good girl.”

The praise had barely left his lips when Paige surged her hips upward, impaling herself deeper onto his cock as if trying meld her whole body with his.

Her pupils dilated until they were big black buttons.

Her nipples grew impossibly harder.

And a rush of hot nectar spilled over his driving cock.

Austin had long suspected a beautiful submissive was hiding somewhere deep inside her. He’d witnessed her need to please Raymond more than once. Sadly, this wasn’t the time or place to find out how much freedom Paige would give her inner sub, so he simply tucked his newfound knowledge away. Hopefully, he’d get the chance to find out soon.

Very soon.

Dragging in and out of her snug tunnel, he tortured her nipples once more with his teeth and tongue. He savored her guttural groans and whimpers while basking in the sublime friction of her narrow, silken walls.

When Paige began chanting his name like a prayer, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He plowed in and out of her wicked body as her shallow keening cries wrapped around his spine and shoved him toward the point of no return.

Demand spiked.

The air sizzled.

Austin clutched her hips and held her against the base of his cock before rocking onto his knees. Body stretching as if bound to a medieval rack, Paige held tight to the headboard.

She’s fucking perfect!

With an inward roar of satisfaction, Austin guided her legs over his shoulders, scooped her ass off the bed, and began thrusting faster, harder, and deeper, scraping the ridge of his crest over her sensitive G-spot.

“Oh, shit. Oh, shit,” Paige screamed, jerking on the slats and tossing her head back and forth over his pillow. “I can’t… Oh, god. I’m…”

As her walls fluttered around him, bathing his cock in sublime kisses, waves of demand clawed his spine. Austin was holding on by a thread but refused to let go until Paige shattered around him.

Pressing her head into his pillow, she arched her back and thrust her hard nipples toward the ceiling, then froze like a porcelain statue. Her legs quivered against his chest as Paige sucked in a sharp breath and bore down on his driving cock.

“Give it to me,” he ground out between clenched teeth.

As if born to submit, Paige tilted her head back and screamed his name to the heavens while her pussy clamped around his cock, searing him in a flood of liquid lava.

Austin’s rhythm faltered as brutal waves of bliss slammed through him. Sparks ignited behind his eyes as Austin tossed his head back and roared her name and followed her over, showering Paige’s convulsing core with thick, hot ropes of come.

Her pulsating pussy was still milking him dry as Austin lowered her legs and whispered, “You can let go of the bed now, little girl.”

Paige slowly released the slats. Still joined together, Austin pulled her to his chest, wrapped his arms around her, and rolled to his back. With her nestled on top of him, he smiled as they panted and quivered with quaking aftershocks. When she laid her cheek on his chest, Austin briefly closed his eyes, then kissed the top of her head and simply held her. Long minutes later, their harsh breaths returned to normal. A soft sated sigh skipped across his chest as Paige peered up at him and shyly smiled.

“You all right?”

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