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Oh, god. Does he still think Johnny is a threat? If Austin knew how that deviant prick had set her up, knew the lie he’d told her grandpa, he’d storm from this shower and march straight to the bunkhouse, then kill the manipulative prick.

The only place Paige wanted Austin to go was inside her…joined as one for the whole night, until reality ripped them apart again.

“Please,” she shamelessly begged.

His nostrils flared.

Fire leapt in his eyes.

Yanking his hands from inside her, Austin brushed hers off his cock, then aligned his wide crest between her folds.

“Spread your legs for me, little girl. I’m gonna give you everything you asked for…and more.”

Locking her stare on his, Paige widened her stance, opening herself up for him.

“Good girl. Hands behind your back.” A dirty thrill shot through her as she complied. “Lock your fingers and don’t let go.”

She followed his instructions without hesitation, then subtly nodded.

A wicked smile played on his lips as he gripped her waist, sinking his fingers into her flesh strongly enough to leave her beautifully bruised. With an animalistic growl, Austin thrust his hips, fully impaling himself inside her, shocking every cell in her system.

The burn that enveloped her was instantaneous and sublime at the same time

She gasped and whimpered as her walls clutched and quivered around him, trying to expel the throbbing slab of flesh stretching, filling, and invading her narrow passage.

Austin remained statue still while she writhed and wriggled and moaned. Delight danced in his eyes as he savored her bittersweet struggle while forcing her delicate muscles to soften and accept his straining invasion.

She struggled to comply, but it was too much…too fast. The blistering burn was consuming her.

“Help me, please.”

“How? How do you want me to help you, little girl?”

“Rub my clit. Please, I’m going up in flames.”

“I know. Your hot silky pussy is singeing my cock,” he drawled.

He slowly brushed his thumb over her clit, instantly chasing the burn away and igniting a whole new fire.

“Thank you…thank you,” she repeated, rocking against his masterful thumb.

“Does that feel better, my helpless little girl?”

His raspy question caressed her spine. Shivers skipped through her as her tunnel compressed tightly around him. Paige watched his eyes roll back in his head as a curse of delight spilled from his lips. Then with a feral roar, he clasped her arms and tossed her hands around his neck. Need and hunger leapt from his eyes as he gripped her ass, lifted her off the tile, and began shuttling in and out of her melting core.

Sinking her nails into his back, Paige held on as friction and pleasure rolled through her in continuous brutal and beautiful waves.

Austin increased his tempo as if he couldn’t get his fill of her fast enough. Each exacting stroke burnished and teased her clit until Paige was keening and clinging to the edge of oblivion by nothing but sheer will. She knew he wouldn’t let her deny him the orgasm he’d conjured. Knew he’d keep soaring her higher and higher until he destroyed her beneath his spine-bending magic.

“Give it to me, little girl. That orgasm doesn’t belong to you. It’s mine!”

His commanding roar vibrated through her. Paige bore down on his driving shaft. Her pussy convulsed around him. She threw back her head and screamed his name as she shattered into a million sparkling bursts of light.

Austin bellowed, then pulled from inside her before showering his hot seed all over her stomach. His body bucked and jerked as he clutched her against his chest. Then buried his face against her neck, bathing her neck in his wet panted breaths.

They were still quivering and quaking in aftershocks when Austin inched them under the spray of water, rinsing his seed from her skin. Realization fluttered through her fog of ecstasy… They’d forgotten all about using a condom in the shower again. Then, like pieces of a puzzle snapping in place, Paige finally understood how and when she’d gotten pregnant.

Sated and sluggish, she closed her eyes while Austin washed and conditioned her hair. Then he cleaned her body with the spicy vanilla shower gel he’d surprised her with months ago. After drying her with a soft, fluffy towel, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bed, then slid in beside her.

Paige woke the next morning, exactly how she’d fallen asleep, nestled in Austin’s strong arms, against his warm, rugged body, with her head on his shoulder and her hand on his heart. Even as yesterday’s terrifying events rolled through her brain, Austin’s soft snores flowed over her, centering and filling her with peace.

She had so much to be thankful for. Austin’s unwavering care and affection. Grandpa’s successful surgery. Paige was anxious to see him but no longer worried. She knew he was being taken care of by dedicated professionals. They’d soon get him back on his feet and home where he belonged.

The only worry wending through her was rolling out of bed. Paige didn’t know what to do or say if Austin woke to her barfing in his bathroom. It would either be the preverbal key that unlocked the barrier between them or the final nail in the coffin of their relationship.

Yes, they’d resurrected the same fiery passion she’d grown to love and crave. But nothing had changed. Nothing had been resolved. Anxious to avoid the awkwardness climbing inside her, Paige carefully eased from his arms and slowly climbed out of bed.

Her stomach was roiling as she dragged on her clothes. Forcing down the bile rising in the back of her throat, Paige quickly tiptoed down the stairs and out the back door. She’d barely made it behind the propane tank when she bent and started retching.

Long minutes later, she stepped from behind her cylindrical shield and peered up at Houston’s second-story porch. All she saw was a pair of empty chaise lounges. With a sigh of relief, Paige made her way through the dew-covered grass and down the road.

When she entered her grandpa’s house, noises were coming from the kitchen. When she rounded the corner, she saw Johnny standing at the stove, fixing breakfast as if he owned the place.

“I assume you saw my note?”

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