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Lifting his hand from the door, Austin glided it through her hair, rubbing the soft strands between his fingers and thumb before caressing her cheek as he dragged his calloused hand lower and palmed her throat. As Paige’s skittering pulse hammered against his little finger, Austin couldn’t help but groan.

Continuing his quest to brand each inch of her body to his brain, he cupped her heavy breast and strummed her berry-hard nipple with his thumb. Her muffled wail vibrated his tongue as she arched her back, filling his hand fuller still.

Electricity surged through his system, gathering hot and low between his legs.

His cock was as hard as a sledgehammer and leaking like a fucking fountain.

Austin’s coveted patience was uncoiling like a snake.

He couldn’t stand to think of any other man putting his hands and lips on her like this, especially Johnny’s. Couldn’t stomach the thought that she was ripe with the prick’s child when it should have been his.

Every cell in Austin’s body screamed, Mine!

But she wasn’t.

Paige never would be and it shredded him.

Austin knew the only thing he could do here and now was imprint himself so deep and hard into Paige’s soul, she’d never forget what she foolishly gave up when she’d made the decision to cheat on him.

Fighting back the feral roar rising inside him, he ripped his other hand from the door and yanked Paige’s yoga pants to her knees. Breathing deeply, he inhaled her heady spice thickening the air as he frantically unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his zipper. He groaned in gratitude as his steely shaft sprang forth and stretched toward her sinful, tight pussy.

Gripping the base of his cock, Austin aligned his crest between her wet, feverish folds, then tore from her mouth.

“Is this what you want, little girl? Do you want me to fill and stretch you with my fat cock?”

“Yes…yes,” she pitifully whimpered as her hot nectar flowed over his crest.

“I guess there’s no need for a condom now, is there?” he snarled, then quickly shoved his anger down and locked it in the cage alongside his pain. “Beg again, little girl. Beg me to fuck you.”

A combination of arousal and heartache lined Paige’s face as she swallowed tightly.

Yeah, she knew this was the last time they’d ever be together, coupled as one and chasing the most unimaginable ecstasy of a lifetime.

Biting back the lump of emotion lodged in his throat, Austin sank his teeth into her bottom lip and tugged. “I’m waiting. Or do you want me to stop?”

A flash of panic flitted over her face before giving way to defiance and a hint of anger as she lifted her chin. “No. I don’t want you to stop. I want you to make love to me.”

Austin wanted nothing more than to cradle her in his arms, climb the stairs to his room, and fulfill her request. But as images of all the hours they’d spent making love spooled through his brain like a masochistic movie, he knew Paige wasn’t here to love him again. She was here to use him to simply make her feel good, the way Johnny clearly couldn’t.

Clenching his jaw, he willed away the pain searing his soul, gripped her hips, and thrust himself fully inside her tight, wet cunt.

Paige gasped and sank her nails deeper, then closed her eyes, tossed back her head, and let out a long, high-pitched scream.

As her tunnel compressed and fluttered around him, Austin snarled at the cruelty of knowing this was the last time he’d ever feel this mind-bending nirvana.

Snarled for the cruelty of Paige’s cheating heart.

Snarled at himself for giving her the power to destroy him.

Tormented anger melded with the blissful euphoria thundering in his veins.

Without waiting for her narrow passage to soften and accept him, Austin pulled back and thrust deep…over and over.

Brows knitted in a mixture of concentration and distress, Paige whimpered and writhed on his dick before boldly shoving a hand between them to stroke her clit.

“You mean fuck you, don’t you? You want me to fuck you like you like it, don’t you, little girl? Fuck you like Johnny can’t.”


“Oh, I’m sure he’s never filled and stretched your sweet cunt the way I do. Never fucked you hard and fast up against the door like this. Never got you so wet you bathe his cock in you slick nectar like you’re doing to mine right now,” Austin growled, increasing the tempo as he drove in and out of her sinful, dripping core.

“Austin,” she panted. “I need to—”

“You should have learned by now, I know exactly what you need, little girl. I’ve always fucking known. Haven’t I?”

“Yes…yes,” she groaned in time with each jarring thrust.

“You’re going to shatter for me…shatter hard, like a good little girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes…yes,” she continued chanting.

“Oh, I know you are,” he murmured against her warm flesh as he dragged his teeth down her neck. “Your snug little cunt is already fluttering and kissing this cock…warming up before clamping down around me as you scream my name and explode.”

“Austin…Austin,” she repeated like a prayer.

“You’re so close…so close to sailing to the sun. I know because you’re melting all over my cock.”

And you’re doing it too fast, Paige. I fucking don’t want this to end…not now. Not ever!

Blinking back the tears stinging his eyes, Austin clenched his jaw. He didn’t want Paige to see how weak and desperate she made him, so he flipped open the lock on his cage of anger and pain.

Austin closed his eyes and nuzzled his mouth over her ear. “You ripped my fucking heart out, little girl.”

A mournful whimper tore from her lips as she slumped, lax, against him.

“Don’t stop rubbing, Paige,” Austin commanded, reaching down guiding her fingers over her clit. “After all, you came to me. Now I’m gonna make damn sure you come for me.”

“Austin…I’m sorry, but I—”

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