The Cowboy's Virgin Baby Momma - Page 102

It was beyond beautiful, but it paled in comparison to the beauty of Austin’s smiling face and blinding happy glow.

Tossing her arms around his neck, Paige kissed him with all the passion and promise thundering inside her. Austin took control of the kiss, sending goose bumps skittering through her, pouring and fusing the same passion and promise to her soul.

Duke and Grandpa quickly gathered around them, congratulating them and clapping Austin on the back before hugging Paige tightly.

“Lemme see that ring he put on your finger, sweetheart,” Grandpa demanded. Giggling madly, she held out her hand. Grandpa whistled and grinned. “It sure is pretty.”

Austin grinned. “I needed the prettiest ring for the prettiest girl on the planet.”

Duke clapped her grandpa on the shoulder, and extended his hand. The old man stared at it for a long second, then gripped it. Paige’s heart nearly exploded all over again.

Austin lifted her off her feet and pressed his mouth to hers, with a kiss so full of love her heart melted.

He slowly lifted, then nuzzled in close to her ear. “I love you, little girl.”

She closed her eyes and sighed, then whispered back, “I love you, too, cowboy.”

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