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But I’m not gonna lie to her either.

“Yes, I was. I will,” I tell her. “But only if you want me to,” I add.

Her eyes get even wider, and then she chews at her lip anxiously.

“Do you want me to?” I ask. “Because if you don’t, then I won’t bring it up again.”

Okay, maybe a white lie here. No way I’m gonna even let her consider saying no.

“I do, I really do,” she suddenly squeaks.

“But why me, Foxx?” she asks pleadingly, wincing as she shifts herself in the bed. “You could have any girl you want –,” she says.

I let my lips do the talking, but without words.

I place my mouth hard and heavy on hers as I grip her arms, desperately trying to convey every thought and emotion I have about her.

All channeled into one kiss so she can feel why her.

So she can feel maybe just a hint of how bad I need her. And not just one time, but always. Forever.

It’s a forever kind of kiss, and although it’s a gentleman’s, lips-only kiss, we both know it’s true.

This thing between us is undeniable now, and our kiss is like the door to it all finally starting to open.

Both a little breathless and her whole body shuddering with excitement, she gasps, “Holy cheese and crackers… that was incredible.”

I stifle a chuckle because it’s exactly how I feel too. But once she asks me with a mischievous grin after a few moments if I’d kiss her twice, I shake my head.

“Why not?” she pouts, looking wounded for a second until I explain.

“Because once I start kissing you, Mandy, I’ll never stop. And I’ve got more than kisses on my mind when I look at you.”



I thought I must’ve been hallucinating when I sensed Foxx hovering over me in the ER. But I guess a girl just ‘knows’ when there’s an alpha male on her radar, especially when he’s got the kiss vibes happening.

But then I hear myself ask if that’s what really happened. After he says yeah, and then kisses me for real the first time, wow!

It’s like a slow burn at a fireworks factory. People would line up in their cars to film that sort of thing.

Me? I’m going into deep shock. And not in a bad way.

The shock of knowing I was right all along about us and that Foxx has been thinking about more than just kisses since we met.

He asks me before he kisses me, though, such a gentleman.

And when I cheekily ask for seconds, his shockwave answer travels through me just like his first kiss.

It goes straight to all of my pleasure centers, making my mind spin and my heart race with excitement.

Before I can fully appreciate our moment together, there’s a bustle of activity in the corridor outside before he can say another word.

I’m in a room of my own, which is better than I imagined. Perfect to be with Foxx, but there’s still a never-ending stream of hospital sounds and people wandering in and out.

“Change of shift,” Foxx murmurs, and loosening his grip on me I’ve gotten so used to, he makes an awkward movement backward into his seat.

The tent pole in the front of his scrubs makes me audibly gasp, even though I try not to notice.

How can you not notice? It’s like a tree trunk down his scrubs…

With a knowing look between us, sealed with a kiss already, I’m pretty sure Foxx wants to get me out of here as much as I feel like going anyplace he is.

Tent pole and all.

There are more than a few glances between the staff as they hand over shifts, updating the next team on changes to the patient list.

Doctors and nurses are looking from Foxx to me, with the obvious question on everybody’s mind except ours.

Are they? Is he?

But Foxx doesn’t flinch, and it’s not long before the business they have at hand is more important than whether Foxx is into me or not.

“You can go home in the morning, Mandy. It’s just a precaution keeping you overnight,” the doctor reminds me.

“Is there someone we should call?” he asks, deliberately avoiding Foxx’s eyes when he speaks up.

“She’s coming home with me,” he says with authority.

Everybody looks at him, a little shocked, until he relaxes his intense look.

“Mine,” he says flatly. “I mean… home. I’ll take Mandy home,” he says with a tone of finality. But also leaving the impression that he means to take me back to my own house.


“Alright then,” the doctor smiles. He’s satisfied I’m on the mend and have a place to go once I leave the hospital.

Then as quickly as they all appeared, they were gone. Leaving Foxx and me alone again.

“I can get a taxi…,” I start to say, sounding way more defensive than I mean to. But Foxx’s look is filled with that protective energy he’s been broadcasting since the emergency room.

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