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He’s making sure I have the basics covered when I’m able to be up and about on my own. But I’m not sure when that’ll be either. It might be tomorrow, might not be until next week. I’m kinda getting used to him carrying me everywhere.

I didn’t know people still had old-style telephones in their homes, but Foxx chuckles when I mention it, pointing out the antiquated-looking ones.

“They were part of the original fittings, so I thought to leave them in when it was renovated. Gives the place a bit of its old charm,” he smiles absently before making a detour straight for the bathroom, which is right opposite what I can see must be his bedroom.

Foxx walks me into the huge, Victorian-themed, green and white tiled bathroom. But my neck hurts as I instinctively crane for a view of his bedroom.

“This is one of the bathrooms,” he says, looking a little sheepish for some reason.

Maybe feeling more like he’s showing me more around a museum than a home, but my silence isn’t because I don’t love it.

It’s because I’m literally lost for words.

“There are bathrooms off each bedroom,” he continues. “But I know some ladies like their own special place. So…,” he trails off.

Eyeing the claw-footed, vintage tub that looks big enough for more than two, I feel my eyes widening.

Set in its own alcove, with real bronze figurines of marine life on either side, I feel like I’m inside a living catalog.

There’s a double vanity and a massive matching shower alcove.

The huge, fluffy green towels and motifs of fish and water on the tiled friezes are all enchanting to me.

“…Or we can share,” he says suddenly, filling the gap in my silence.

“I mean… Maybe you want your own space. Your own room…,” he says as if he’s talking to himself.

“Oh, Foxx!” I gush, finally finding my voice and hugging his neck tighter.

“I love all of it… I….”

I almost say it. But I stop myself.

“Can I see your room?” I ask. “I mean, the rest of the house too. Can I see all of it?” I beg him.

Not wanting to pry too much, he did offer to show me around.

“Sure,” he says with satisfaction, enjoying me this close as well as my arms around his strong neck as he starts to move through to the other rooms.

No bedroom tour, though… Hmmm.

There are a few sets of heavy, double wooden doors like his front door, and I ask what’s behind them as we pass.

“Oh, more of the same,” he remarks. “I keep most of it closed up because I really only use about a quarter of the place. The rest is full of old medical files and other boring stuff.

Amazed anyone would live in the existing space, and it’s hard to imagine this is only a part of his whole house.

Floor. Apartment.

Whatever it is.

It’s perfect, and I’m already in love with the place.

The kitchen’s next. He sets me down on a wide marble countertop and asks if my leg’s okay for me to sit like this.

I nod feverishly, ignoring the throbbing ache in my ankle, which doesn’t feel any worse. Only better now that we’re here.

“I should prop you up somewhere, but I –,” he starts to say, but my over-the-top gasp as I see the view from the huge windows stops him.

Similarly themed to his bathroom, the kitchen is a curious blend of old and new, but the view from the balcony outside is like a postcard.

“You wanna see?” he asks, a little surprised I’d even be interested in any of it so far.

“If you don’t mind,” I tell him, eyeing off one of the large dining chairs he has on either side of an even larger polished wood table, inlaid with the same marble as the countertops.

“Alright. I’ll make us something for breakfast, seeing as you haven’t eaten yet. I’m starving,” he says, lifting me again and carrying me to the windows.

I make a series of sounds that tell him I’m more than impressed and in awe.

Reluctantly, he sets me down in the chair, and using the other as a footrest for my ankle, Foxx positions me so he can see me while he prepares food, and I can take in the view of the city and him as well, at the same time.

I could stare at the man all day, but there is something in how the sky looks this morning, up this high.

It’s like being in the clouds. Seeing the city like I’ve never seen it before.

“It’s… It’s just beautiful, Fox,” I sigh.

Finally, I turn to see him watching me instead as he ignores the view he’s seen a thousand times.

“It sure is,” he agrees. “It sure is….”

His mouth twitches into a smile.

And the front of his pants tells me that he’s still got strong feelings for me and not the view right now.

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