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I never knew my parents either, and I know Mandy will tell me a similar story when she feels like she’s ready to. Until then, we’ve got our love. Right now, and every day after today, together.

And I’ve already promised myself not to waste another second. I will enjoy it, enjoy her and our new life.

Preferably away from nosy neighbors and city smog, though.

“Can it wait until morning?” Mandy asks, telling me she’s good on her feet, but being out and about on it is a stretch.

“Of course,” I reply. “I just… I guess I just got –,” I stammer.

“You got creamed, is what you got, Foxx,” she whispers into my ear, leaning across and nuzzling into my neck.

Hearing her say that gets my hands roaming all over her body. My entire being is drawn to her again.

“And don’t think because I’m a little saddle sore doesn’t mean I don’t want you to be creamed again either,” she rasps.

“Again. And again?” I ask, feeling my lip curl and my length thicken.

“As long and as much as you want,” Mandy promises me.

And being true to my latest virtue of not wasting another second, it isn’t long before she’s laid back on the couch, her good leg down and her bad leg up.

Her man giving her what she wants.

My cream and sugar. And not the kind that comes in a cup either.



At some point, Foxx considers me well and truly satisfied for one day. And keeping me in just his shirt and his own naked torso as my comforter, we watch an old movie I said I haven’t seen until I’m asleep again.

Sleeping in his arms, dreaming a dream that makes me wonder which one is the dream and which one is real.

Both are heavenly.

My plan was to get up early and surprise him with breakfast in bed. But he beats me to it. And I find myself in his bed again, wondering if he’s even slept in it at all.

I’ve literally never seen the man sleep.

The sounds of clattering are coming from the kitchen, and the smell of fresh bread, bacon, and eggs has me sitting up. When I feel my warm hand resting next to me on the bed, I sigh, content.

The spot I know Foxx was all night and still smells as good as ever.

The man leaves a dent the size of a tank, but having him by me all night like that makes me feel safer and has me feeling better than ever.

“I was gonna wake you up,” Foxx says over the rattle of a heavy-looking breakfast tray.

“I just woke up,” I yawn, noting his slightly beaten-you-to-it look. “Always tomorrow, I guess,” he shrugs and sets down the tray on a table.

Focusing on me first and is not even concerned about my hair or my morning mouth as he kisses me deeply.

“Good morning,” he says formally in his hottest, deepest voice.

My stunned look must make it clear what I’m thinking, and it goes a little further than just good morning.

“Every day is this, just like last night,” he smiles, reminding me. Drumming it into me and making me still want to pinch myself.

“If you’re not sick of me yet,” he jokes, but it’s no laughing matter.

“I won’t ever take you for granted, Foxx. Not for a second,” I promise him and myself.

“Then that makes us square,” he grins, munching on a huge piece of toast stacked with jelly.

My mouth becomes wet with hunger at the sight of food. The rest of me is wet already at the sight of Foxx. He’s still only half-dressed, wearing his shorts and nothing else.

“Because yesterday I saw the light,” he continues. “I knew more than I just had to tell you that I love you,” he says cryptically, passing me over a plate, urging me to eat it all before he does.

And I know he means it.

“What did you realize?” I ask, feeling a familiar nervous ripple run across my belly.

I can taste my food, which is delicious at first bite. But still can’t help wondering what he’s driving at.

Suspense first thing in the morning, and with a non-coffee drinker isn’t my best skill set.

“I realized that I’ve spent twenty years working my ass off, and it’s time for a break. A proper one,” he says with a note of triumph.

“You’ll see,” he says, looking as determined yet as happy as I think I’ve ever seen him.

Although a few of the faces he made last night….

I know I made plenty of faces too, and more.

We probably need to be out in the middle of nowhere if he plans on making me scream to orgasm like that.

I mean, it’s a whole floor to ourselves up here, but things were getting pretty intense last night.

Watching Foxx as I eat, watching him eat, I can’t help but feel like he has more than just a few more surprises left in him before this day is over.

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