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And there’s tingling between my legs as a byproduct of the fact that he’s kissed his way up my arm to that magical spot.

To my dismay, he lifts his head from my throat and looks into my eyes. And it’s unnerving, that dark, endless stare.

“Good morning,” he rasps.

I slowly blink away the sleepiness while stretching.

He eyeballs my chest as I arch my back slightly, then his hand cups my left breast and he whispers against my lips, “Don’t like waking up without feeling you. I’m already addicted.”

I blink some more and try to ignore the burning sensation in my chest at those husky, sweet words.

He touches my lips with his and his thumb strokes my nipple before he backs up a few inches.

“Sorry to wake you up. Only got a couple hours myself, but got shit to do today.” He backs off completely.

“Where’s my mom?” I ask, sitting up and swinging my legs over the side of the bed.

“Havin’ coffee with Cat and Stan.”

I wipe my eyes with my index knuckles. “Ivy?”

“She’s good. Sleeping but good, apparently. Stats were all normal last check.”

Why is his voice so sweet? It’s deep, smoky. And it’s as if it has been injected with care. He cares he had to wake me up. He’s showing concern for my sister, too. He’s making me all melty. But I need to ignore that. He’s in the doghouse with me right now and I can’t let his sweetness make me forget it.

“You go ahead and do what you have to do. I’ll stay here. Wait for Ivy to wake up. Talk to Mom. And-”

“Nuh uh. Time to go. Get your shoes on.”

I take in the now-serious look on his face. “Um… what?”

“Not leaving without you and I’ve gotta go, so I need you to get ready, baby.” He leans forward and kisses me, as if it’ll do what – lessen the sting of him laying down the law?

My hand comes up and lands on his chest. Using it to halt him, I hiss, “Do not kiss me right after you get all bossy on me and expect that a little kiss will erase that. Especially not after that bullshit you pulled yesterday.”

“How about a big kiss?” he tries.

No sweetness remains. Now he’s got a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

I wave dismissively. “Not amused, Doggo. You go. I’m fine here.”

“What shit do you think I pulled yesterday?”

“Not telling me about what was going on with my sister until you decided it was time to come here. You knew something was up with her for at least a while before you let me in on it. I don’t appreciate that. You’re in the doghouse big time with me, Doggo.”

“Well, baby, here’s how it is…” he says, and lunges, pinning my back to the bed, my arms over my head. He leans in close as I gasp in surprise. “I’m not fine with you here where you can slip away outta town on me. And as much fun as it is to chase you down, I don’t have time to do that today.”


“No, Amie. I’m taking you home. I have my folks comin’ to sit with you while I take care of some shit and -”

I blanch. “Sit with me?”

He flexes his jaw.

“You mean like… babysit me?” My eyebrows fly up.

He shrugs. “I guess you could put it that way.”

“A babysitter? Seriously?”

“Yeah. Someone to sit with my baby.” He caresses my face, sweetness back.

Nope. I’m shoring up my immunity to it. “Get off me.”

“If I thought you’d stay there and not run off again, I wouldn’t have to have someone sit with you.”

I’m silent. He’s right, but also, how dare he? He’s treating me like I’m his property.

“We’re not there yet. Clearly. Your non-answer says it all,” he mutters.

“Get the fuck off me,” I snap, not even caring that I do so loudly.

He backs off, thrusting his hand through his hair. “C’mon Amelia. Can you cooperate with me on this please? Fight with me tomorrow if you have to. I don’t have time for it right now.”

“I’m not going anywhere until I-”

“I need you to move your sweet ass now, or I’ll move it for you,” he clips.

He’s losing patience with me. Well, good.

“How about you bite my sweet ass?” I snap.

His eyes light with fire and before I know what’s happening, I’m flipped to my belly and my yoga pants are whipped down. He sinks his teeth into my right butt cheek.

“Ow!” That’s gonna leave a mark.

Before I can protest further, I’m airborne, over his shoulder. He’s yanking up my waistband to cover up my smarting behind as he squats to grab my sneakers and my bag from the floor. And then we’re on the move.

“Put me down!” I demand.

“Amelia’ll call you later. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Brennan,” I hear him say.

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