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They pulled her down the long, cold hallway, and into a room. After shutting the door they led her toward the cold stainless-steel table. For weeks now they had been taking her to this sterile room, drugging her if she acted out, and taking samples of her blood.

They lifted her easily onto the table and strapped her ankles and wrists down. She pulled at her bonds, knowing she couldn’t escape, but her instincts still told her to fight.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked for the millionth time, but she was greeted with silence.

She watched, feeling her eyes widen, as one of the men went over to the table and picked up a needle and vial.

“No, please no more.” She struggled against the bonds harder now.

He turned and came toward her.

“Shut up.”

“Get the hell away from me, you bastards.” The bigger of the two men who had brought her to this room smirked down at her and walked to the edge of table, running his hand over her bare ankle. His touch made her skin crawl.

“You sure do have a mouth on you, don’t you?” He licked his lips as his gaze traveled up her exposed leg. “I can think of all kinds of things to do with that dirty little mouth.”

She stared at him, refusing to show him how scared she truly was, not about to give him that satisfaction. He moved his hand up her leg and under the hospital gown she wore, the one they made her wear.

They’d removed her clothing when she’d first been taken, and in its place given her a thin pair of cotton underwear and this god-awful gown.

His hand continued to creep up until the tips of his fingers brushed her upper thigh. “Don’t touch me, fucker,” she screamed at him as she struggled. This was the first time one of them had actually had the balls to touch her in this way.

Normally if she behaved and they didn’t have to drug her they just took her blood and that was it.

“For fuck’s sake, Kal, leave her alone. You know the boss wants us to get the rest of the samples before he comes in tonight. Touching her will only piss him off.”

Kal grinned mockingly, but stopped touching her. “Maybe another time, sweetheart.” He walked toward his companion, and only when his back was toward her did she let out a breath. It took all her willpower to keep from crying.

They both turned around, Kal now the one holding a long, thick needle. There was a clear solution in the barrel, and he looked far too pleased with being the one to stick her.

“God, stop.” She started struggling harder, knowing what they were going to do, knowing they were going to sedate her so they could take blood samples without her fighting them.

This was the same routine they performed every time they took her to this sadistic room, and she wasn’t going to let them have the easy route.

She worried about what else they did to her while she was sedated.

The men moved toward her until they were at the edge of the table on either side of her. The other man wrapped a tourniquet around her arm at the same time Kal injected her with the sedative forcefully.

The solution moved through her bloodstream quickly, burning her from the inside out and having her instantly dizzy.

As the medication kicked in, Neeka couldn’t hold her head up any longer and had no desire to fight.

“You’d think you’d know by now to just take it and not fight us,” Kal said, but his voice sounded distorted because of the drug in her system.

She relaxed against the table, her whole body feeling numb. She was still awake for the time being, and Neeka knew she would probably never be found, or escape.



Gage headed back to base to grab his supplies before he got on the road in search for Neeka. He already had a few feelers out, men that were shady, worked the streets, and knew some really fucked up people.

If she were taken for sex work he’d find that out, and if not, he was a hell of a tracker and wouldn’t stop until he got a lead. This was what he was good at, what he was trained for.

The facility where the men that worked for the organization was located in the Swallow High Mountains. The base itself had been built underground, with a concrete main house atop that. It was impenetrable, and a place where the men could go to gather supplies, find intel, and crash.

He stopped in front of the gate that was attached to the twenty-foot-high stone wall. The security wall surrounded the perimeter of the entire compound, and if anyone did find this place it would seem like an estate and not what it truly was.

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