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It felt like this was how it was supposed to be, how he was supposed to feel with her. Even though he shouldn’t feel desire for her, and even though he knew nothing could ever happen between them, it didn’t stop him from wanting her like a fiend.

“I don’t have any clothes.”

Her voice was soft, almost hesitant. He willed his body to calm, but of course that was like telling a bull not to charge. Standing and turning to give her his back so she wouldn’t see his cock straining against his pants, he walked over to one of his bags, which he’d grabbed from the SUV.

Gage turned around, and gave her one of his shirts and a pair of sweats he’d pulled out. They’d be huge on her, but they’d cover her up.

“It’s all I have right now, but you’ll be home tomorrow, so these should work for now.”

She nodded. “Thank you again.”

He watched her as she grabbed the clothing, holding the material close to her body, and looking him in the eyes. She then turned and headed to the bathroom again. He balled his hands into tight fists, needing to get himself under control. But all he could see, even though she wasn’t standing in front of him anymore, was her creamy skin, her slender back, and her long legs.

Adjusting his cock again so the asshole wasn’t digging into the zipper of his pants, he turned and went back to the duffle bag. Grabbing a first aid kit, he knew he’d have to tend to her wounds. At least he hoped that would help keep his arousal down.

A few minutes later the bathroom door opened. He gazed at her, every part of her. Of course she looked fucking incredible in his clothes. His shirt hung off her slim body, and the sweats were oversized. She swam in the clothing, but she looked good, and this spike of proprietary need slammed into him.

“Have a seat on the bed. I want to clean up the cuts on your leg and feet.” Getting those words out was harder than he’d thought. Gage pulled up a chair in front of her, taking her leg with the nasty wound and placing it on his thigh. Rolling up her pant legs as delicately as he could, he looked at the cuts. They were superficial, but would still need to be tended to.

“They’ll be healed by tomorrow.”

He glanced up at her.

He could smell her, a sweet and flowery scent that had his desire moving into overdrive. Gage needed to control himself because acting on his lust for Neeka was going to have things spiraling pretty fucking fast.



Neeka watched as Gage bent over her leg and cleaned her wounds. He was so big, yet his touch was soft, gentle even. She sucked in a breath when he pressed the peroxide-drenched cotton ball to the open cut on her shin. He glanced up at her, stopping instantly.

“I’m sorry. I know it stings” His voice was soft and gentle, but still deep and hard. “The wounds on your feet probably hurt like hell, but they are only superficial and should heal fairly quickly.”

The truth was she liked having him tend to her, care for her, even if she did heal faster than a “normal” person. It was strange feeling these things for someone she hardly knew, but this man had come for her, saved her, and he didn’t try to stop how she felt.

He might have come to her because of her father, but there was chemistry between them, a connection she felt when he looked at her.

He applied a generous amount of ointment on the cut to her shin and then secured a bandage on her leg. He looked at her, but didn’t remove his hand, which rested on her upper leg. She swallowed, her pussy becoming wet, her nipples hardening. She wore his clothes, and the material smelled like him: darkly rich, woodsy, and masculine.

If he knew she was aroused, he did a good job of not acting like he knew. He stood and cleared his throat, and as if on instinct her gaze lowered to his crotch. That was when she felt her eyes widen when she saw the massive bulge pushing against his pants.

He quickly turned away, running his hand through his short hair, the muscles in his back and arm flexing beneath the shirt he wore. She could make out the tribal like swirls of ink on his arms, the tattoos making him seem even more dangerous, more powerful, if that were even possible.

“We should probably get some sleep. We have to leave early tomorrow.”

She nodded even though his back was to her, but didn’t argue because she was exhausted. But that was when she noticed there was only one bed in the room.

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