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He stepped away from her, and she took a deep breath, her body primed and ready for him.



“Take off your clothes, Neeka.” Gage spoke low, giving her plenty of time to change her mind. If she was going to do it, she needed to do it now because he knew once he started, he wouldn’t be able to stop.

Her mouth opened slightly, and he thought she might call it off. It would be for the best, he didn’t dispute that, but he was rock hard for her, his feelings making everything seem intense.

She didn’t stop, though.

He tried to control his breathing as he watched her small hands move to the hem of her shirt, grabbing the material and lifting it up and over her head. Of course she wasn’t wearing a bra, and when he saw her small, high breasts, his mouth watered and his cock throbbed.

“The sweats, too.” He was barely reining in his control. All he wanted to do was go to her right now, tear the clothing off of her, have her sprawled out on the bed beneath him, and slide his shaft into her willing body.

He needed to keep his head in the game and his cock in his pants. Of course what he was supposed to do, and what he planned on doing, were two very different things. Being with her when he should be taking her back to her father was fucked.

But when she pushed down the sweats, showing him her sweet pussy, all common sense left him. He ran a hand over his mouth, felt the stubble, and didn’t hold back his groan.

And then there she stood, nothing on, her body on clear display for him. Neeka lifted her leg slightly to kick the sweats away, and he sucked in a breath through his teeth. Her movements caused him to get a glimpse of her pink pussy lips and the moisture that had started to coat them.

That was his breaking point. He was in front of her in the next instant, wrapping his hands around her waist and all but tossing her on the bed. Her body bounced twice on the mattress when she went down on the bed, her legs slightly open and her pussy clearly visible to him.

He all but tore his clothes off, needing to feel her naked form against his. He loved the way her gaze roamed over his body, slightly widening when she saw his cock. He was a sick fuck, because he grabbed his dick and started slowly stroking it, loving that she watched the whole time. “Tell me you want this, Neeka.”

“I want this. I want you, Gage.” She rested her upper body on her elbows, and spread her legs even wider. “Do you think this is crazy?” she whispered.

It’s more than fucking crazy.

“It’s how it’s supposed to be, baby.”

Don’t say shit like that. Saying those things will make this real, irrevocable.

You’re about to do the irrevocable.

He tightened his grip on his cock and stroked himself as he looked at her cunt. She was a soft pink color, her pussy so damn wet for him. He knelt on the bed, slowly moving toward her, his gaze trained on her face now. Gage wanted nothing more than to push into her, to stretch her tightness with his length, but he needed to go slow, needed to control himself.

When they started kissing again he couldn’t help the groan that spilled from him. She tasted like honey, so smooth and sweet, and he knew her pussy would be like that. Kissing a path down her throat, he stopped at her breasts and slid his tongue along the stiff nipple.

Her areolas were small and a light peachy color. He sucked one of the buds into his mouth, pulling on it with his lips, nipping at it with his teeth. She made soft mewling noises, and he sneaked a glance at her. Neeka’s eyes were closed in pleasure, her hands gripping the sheets.

He sucked harder, moving his hand to her other breast and tweaking her nipple with his thumb and forefinger until it stood as stiff and hard as the other.

He alternated between breasts, sucking and nipping, letting them come out of his mouth with a resounding pop that fueled his desire. He moved lower, kissing and licking over her ribs, down her flat belly, and dipping his tongue in her navel before running his teeth along her waist. She lifted her hips, thrusting her pussy toward him.

“Spread your legs for me, baby.”

She slowly spread them wide, the smell of her desire like a pheromone to him. Her cunt spread open like a blooming flower, her hard, little clit coming into view. Her pussy hole was small, tight. He knew he would have to get her primed and ready for when he pushed his cock into her. He knew it would be bliss, an exquisite pleasure that would not compare to anything else.

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