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Their tongues pressed against each other, dueling for supremacy until she finally submitted to him. He walked her backward, her bottom bumping into the counter, her legs spreading of their own accord.

“This is what I’ve been thinking about when I’m not with you. When I close my eyes, I swear I can smell you, that sweet honeysuckle and vanilla scent that lingers on your skin,” he murmured against her neck, his tongue and lips teasing and tantalizing her flesh. “My cock was so hard for you when I was gone, baby.”

He emphasized his point by grinding his shaft into her stomach, his low groan sending her desire higher. His hand slipped between their bodies, his mouth still on her neck, licking and sucking at her throat as he started to unbutton and unzip her shorts.

He speared his hand beneath her panties, his fingers sliding down her slit, spreading her lips wide so that she was forced to spread her thighs and go onto her toes.

She let her head fall back as his other hand snaked behind her and gripped her ass cheek, clenching and unclenching on the globe until she was wantonly thrusting her hips at him. Gage used his finger to tease the opening of her pussy, dipping in partly before pulling the digit out and running small circles around her clit.

She closed her eyes, the pleasure so intense it left her breathless. His mouth moved to her breasts, the cotton white t-shirt and thin bra she wore hardly a barrier as his mouth went to work on her nipple.

He didn’t bother removing her shirt, just bit and licked, sucked and massaged the mound until she was panting and dizzy.

“Take off the shorts, Neeka. Let me see that pretty pussy that’s all mine.”

With shaky fingers she did just that, letting the material slide down her hips and pool around her feet. The underwear had gone with them, and the chill from the air brushed along her pussy lips.

He went back to work on her cleft, spreading her moisture around until she was so slick her juices were dripping down her thighs.

He dropped to his knees, looking up at her as he took his thumb and forefinger and spread the skin away from her clit. She watched him, the small bud red and swollen from his ministrations. While still watching her, he ran his tongue along it, sucking the engorged pearl in his mouth until she was shaking.

He slowly moved his head back, his tongue still touching her clit as he stared up at her. That was all she needed, that visual stimulus, to let her orgasm explode out of her. She thrust her breasts out, her ass digging into the counter as pleasure after agonizing pleasure coursed through her.

“Watch me, Neeka.”

She looked down. Neeka knew her eyes were wide from the intense arousal he was causing inside her. He spread her pussy lips wide, her clit still tingling as he ran his tongue up and down her cleft, dipping it into her clenching vagina and then sucking the hard little bud in his mouth.

The warmth and wetness, the friction and motions set off another orgasm within her so that she had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from crying out. He lapped up her juices that were slipping out of her, humming his approval as his eyes glinted with dark desires.

Before her climax had even waned, Gage had her turned around, her chest flat against the counter, her shirt hiked over her breasts. He pulled at her bra until it finally came undone, her breasts spilling out of the thin material to lie against the chilled tile.

Her nipples beaded up more as he massaged the mounds, his fingers tweaking the tips. His hips pumped into her ass as one of his hands moved between their bodies and undid his pants.

She heard the sound of his zipper sliding down, and a chill of anticipation spiked through her.

She lifted her ass, hoping he wouldn’t keep her waiting, and then moaned at the feel of his huge, hot cock pressing against her ass cheeks, the skin scorching her and drawing out more moisture from her body.

“I’m going to fuck you so good, baby. I’m going to fill you up until you can’t stretch anymore.”

His mouth was right by her ear, his words erotic and sending lust to every cell in her. His hand went between her thighs and pressed them more open, his big body sliding between them. She looked over her shoulder to see him lean slightly back so he could gaze at her cunt, his eyes glazed over with lust, his breathing fast.

Gage used his fingers to spread her moisture around, sliding them up until he was pressing those wet digits against her asshole. She gasped, never before having had a man touch her back there.

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