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He grabbed the material between his teeth and tugged. I turned my head, distracted by his bare ass the skirt did nothing to cover. The thong nestled perfectly between his butt cheeks. The light pink kitty tail was new, fluffier than the others.

Without a word, I leaned over and caught the tail, trailed my fingers through its softness and pulled. He gasped.

This one was definitely not a clip-on tail.

I snapped out of my daze and ran my fingers through Kit’s hair, scratching him. He released my pant leg and purred. Always with the fucking irresistible purr.

“Hey there, sweet kitty.” I brushed his hair back from his face. “Let me get out of these clothes into something more comfortable, and we’ll play.”

And I was pretty sure I was going to end up mounting him. With or without the buttplug in was the only thing left to be determined.

Kit wouldn’t let me go, so I scooped him up in my arms. He gave a satisfied purr and curled up into my chest. I climbed the staircase and set him down on the floor in our bedroom.

“Sit, kitty,” I said sternly.

He meowed and swiped at the air with his paw but dropped onto his belly and stayed.

“Good, kitty.”

I unbuttoned my shirt, walked over to the dresser, and took out a sleeveless T-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting shorts. When I turned around, kitty now sat on the bed, watching me lazily while licking himself. That pink tongue with the barbell jewelry swiping at his hand had my cock tightening.

“Who’s feeling frisky today?” I stalked to the bed. “If kitty’s not good, then you know Master will have to remove playtime.”


“We’ll let that one slide, since you’re usually such a sweet little pussycat. Aren’t you?” I rubbed him, and he closed his eyes.

I dropped my hand and kicked off my pants. I had one leg in the basketball shorts when kitty batted at my balls. A gentle pat of his hand.

“Ahh.” I chuckled. “Those aren’t for playing with, kitty. Why don’t we get your other balls?”

But he didn’t listen. Just meowed and batted at my balls over and over. I should have pulled on the shorts and stepped away, but he looked like he was having fun. Who was I to stop him, even when my cock tented my tight dark blue boxers? I groaned and suffered through kitty’s playful torture.

“You know, I might have something else you’re interested in.”

He cocked his head. Lip tucked between my teeth, I pushed down the front of my boxers, and my cock sprang up. My balls clenched in anticipation, and I held my breath as Kit drew closer to my cock. Only to flip over onto his back in the belly-up pose.

“Tease.” I pushed my aching cock back into my boxers and pulled up my shorts, then pounced on the bed and rubbed his belly. His skin was smooth, the glint of diamond in his navel tempting me to lean forward and kiss him.

“There’s a good little kitty.” He had a satisfying at peace smile on his face as I stroked him. With my free hand, I raised his skirt to reveal his cock, lovingly encased in the thin material of his thong. I waited for a sign of nonconsent. He would bat me twice with his paw if he didn’t want sex while in kitty headspace.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted sex. I just wanted to see him.

I hooked a finger into the waistband of the panties and peeled them down far enough to expose his semi-erect cock. How much longer would he need to heal completely? My mouth watered for a taste of him—to feel the cool metal of the jewelry against my tongue.

With a sigh, I replaced his underwear and tugged down his skirt.

“Let’s go downstairs to play.”

I scooped him back up in my arms and brought him downstairs. I still needed to convert one room upstairs to a play area, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. In the living room, he wriggled until I set him down, and then he was off to the bench where we kept his toys so we wouldn’t mix them up with the cats’.

Since we were living together, we’d discovered three different playtimes depending on the mood Kit was in. He might want to be a lazy cat who lay in my lap and begged for me to stroke him. Other times, he wanted us to engage in training with the commands we were perfecting. And then there were days like today when he was full of energy and wanted to play, doing the same activity over and over. Often I had to distract him with something else, or it became tedious.

He crawled over to me, and in his mouth was an orange ball I had bought him. It had a little bell inside, and when it rolled over the floor, the sound filled him with excitement. He would paw it away and fetch it again and again.

After playing with his ball, I got his prey toy, which was my favorite. I teased him to no end by not allowing him to catch the plastic fish on the line of the wand. After several minutes of trying unsuccessfully, he was getting frustrated and clawed at my leg. I took pity on him and allowed him to catch it. He pounced on the fish and lay on the floor with the toy between his legs, batting at it.

When he got bored and grew tired, I brought him a saucer of milk. He lapped at it greedily, and when he was full, he climbed onto his cushion on the floor and dozed off.

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