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“That’s a nice kitty.” Sully rose to his feet. “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t get into mischief.”

He scratched my hair, and I batted at his arm. Chuckling, he walked out. My heart pounded in my chest. This was it. My time to hide. Sully went up the stairs.

Don’t get into mischief.


Maybe I should do the opposite.

I pulled the cushions and the throw to the ground, shoved a book under them, and tipped over anything I could find that wouldn’t break. When he came back downstairs, I glanced around frantically for a place to hide. I crawled under the blue accent chair. It wouldn’t take long for him to spot me there, but it wasn’t the time that mattered to me but the play itself.

The footsteps stopped. I buried my face in my paws.

Master tutted. “What a mess. Did that stray get in here again?”

Master wasn’t pleased. My heartbeat picked up speed. I mustered up all my strength to contain my silence and keep hiding under the chair. Master picked up the pillows from the floor one by one and placed them back on the couch, all while muttering about that pesky no-good cat who loved to sneak in through a window.

“He’d better not let me catch him,” Master murmured. “They say cats can’t be trained, but I know just how to tame this one.”

My mouth went dry as he stepped closer and closer… A tug at my tail. Damn, I’d forgotten about that.

“There’s the culprit.” He crouched down in front of the chair. “There’s a good kitty. Come on out, won’t you?”

I shuffled back as far as I could go until I bumped into the wall.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He stretched an arm out under the chair. I hissed and clawed at his arm hard enough to scratch but not to leave a scar.

“I should have known a stray like you needs to have their nails groomed. Now I’ll have to get a tetanus injection.”

I peered out at him and bared my teeth in another hiss.

“That’s it. I tried being nice, but if you want to be a naughty kitty, let’s see how naughty you really are.”

He reached under the chair for me. I tried scratching him, but he held my front paws in one hand and dragged me out of my hiding spot. I did the only thing I could and hissed and meowed, but it did little to help my situation.

“Finally, the little mischief-maker.”

Meow! Meow!

I scrambled away, but a foot in my back pinned me to the ground. “Stay, kitty.”

I squirmed and hissed some more, but to no avail.

“Aren’t you a handful? I’m going to have to tame you, don’t I? If you’re a good kitty, then I’ll train you to be a nice and obedient house cat.” He pulled down his zipper. “I’ll even let you sleep in my bed. It’s a good thing I know just what strays like you need, isn’t it?”

Master kicked my legs apart, ripped my thong away, and fell on top of me. His rod, already slick with lube, pushed between my cheeks and located my hole.

“Even when I’m about to break your spirit, you still fight.” His breath warmed my cheek as he whispered. “Don’t worry. When I’m finished with you, I won’t have to teach you how to behave. You’ll behave because that’s the only way you’ll get more.”

He fucked into me, and a cry tore from my throat.

“That’s it. This is exactly how I’m going to tame you.”

He stroked inside my body with powerful snaps of his hips, not going too fast but neither moving slowly. Each thrust stretched me until the burn lessened. I let out sounds between low moans and hisses, still trying to keep up the facade of wanting to get away when all I wanted to do was beg him not to stop.

“Fuck.” Master jerked me up to my knees with my ass up and chest on the floor. His feet planted on either side of my thighs, he shoved my cheeks apart and slammed into me so hard I clawed at the floor.

“That’s right,” Master groaned. “You keep that ass wide open for me so I can show you what you can have more of. If you’re nice enough.”

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