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His hips snapped faster, and my knees wobbled, but I kept upright as each stroke of his cock against my prostate was the only sensation I needed. He gripped my waist and drove as far inside me as he could. I clamped my eyes shut, waiting for nirvana, but he pulled out completely. My eyes flew open. I felt so empty and lost without him inside me.

“Will you be a good kitty for Master?” he asked, teasing my entrance with what I needed.

I gritted my teeth to not give in so easily.

“Very well, then. Perhaps you need to be trained some more. I can keep this up for a while. Can you?”

Keep it up, he did. Each time he drove me to the brink, he pulled out and asked if I would be a good kitty. My skin felt like static energy was coursing over me, making the hairs on my arms stand up.

“Stubborn little pussycat.” Master pulled out of me again, but not entirely this time. His cockhead rubbed just an inch inside me. Fuck. The nerve endings there were so sensitive.

“Will you be a well-behaved kitty for me?” he rasped. I wasn’t the only one dying to finish.

I nodded and stopped resisting.

“Fuck,” Master grunted. “Why do you look so beautiful when you submit?”

As soon as he shoved his cock inside me, I came hard. A cry ripped out of me. Master plugged away at my sensitive hole until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I tapped his hand twice and held my breath. Would he stop? Surely, he wanted to come too. Why should he stop until he had his fill too? Panic flared inside my chest.

Master pulled out of me slowly and shuffled back. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes. I had no reason to doubt him and his integrity. Master was good and considerate.

As Master groaned, I crawled weakly around. He was on his knees, jerking on his cock. I moved closer and opened my mouth.

“Oh, fuck.”

A white spurt hit my cheek. I engulfed his cock, lapping up all the cream he offered. His hand fell away from his cock. Breathing hard, he rose to his feet and zipped back up his jeans. He lifted me in his arms and carried me over to the sofa.

I ended up on Sully’s lap while he petted me the way I liked when I needed to come down from a high. I closed my eyes and concentrated on following his guidance out of my headspace.



“Do you want a bottle of water or a saucer of milk?” That was one of the questions we’d agreed on so he would know without a doubt that I’d completely left my kitty headspace. If I chose the milk, he knew I needed more time.

“A bottle of water.”

He kissed my cheek, laid me on the couch, and got to his feet. He returned shortly with a bottle of water, helped me to sit up, and uncapped it for me. My hand shook, so he fed me the water, and I gulped it greedily.


I drank some more, then curled up into his side.

“How are you feeling?”

The check-up. Another thing we did after a scene. Since we played more now, we had set new rules, and we were always open to reviewing and changing the rules to suit us.

“I feel great,” I replied. “How about you?”

“Me?” He chuckled. “I feel like a Kit tamer.”

I laughed softly. “You liked it, then?”

“Yes, the sounds you made while I was inside you are addicting.”

“My moans?” I asked. I knew exactly what he meant, but I wanted to hear it.

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