Hook (A Hitman's Bait 2) - Page 112

I stepped away from the pair, but they didn’t seem to notice. Giving them one last lingering look, I slipped out of the office. I detoured to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and walked in on Liam sitting at the island, eating cereal.

“Eating at this hour of the night?” I asked. “Worked up an appetite, did you?”

“I’m stress eating,” he said. “What with all this unexpected shit that’s going on. This is bad, Sullivan. They shouldn’t be here.”

“I know, but what would you have me do? Kick them out?”

“Kill them.”

“I can’t. I promised Kit.”

He groaned. “That boy!”

I pinned him with a glare. “What about him?”

“He’s the sweetest, most lovable creature I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.”

“Nice save.” I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Yeah, well, let’s hope you still think so when you check out who he’s been calling. With everything that’s going on, I forgot to tell you, but—”

“Don’t tell me.”


“I don’t want to know anymore.”

“You think he’s cheating?”

I scowled at him. “No. But I told him I trusted him, so I’m doing that. When he’s ready, he’ll let me know who was at the other end of the line that day.”

“But you’re going to get a kick out of—”

“No, Liam. Let’s just drop it.”

“You’re impossible, you know that? You ask me to research something for you, and now I have this huge secret and nobody to share it with. What am I supposed to do now?”

I ruffled his hair and walked out of the kitchen. “Don’t you have a booty call somewhere? Tell him.”

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