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Manuel has been up and working since six, but I was too tired to move. He wore me out so good last night, I can still feel him inside of me, over me. I shiver as every move we made comes back to me and destroys me all over again.

I walk over to the shop and begin working. It doesn’t take long before Manuel is in the office, in my space. Just where I want him to be. Then he’s kissing me,

“Hello, husband,” I reply when he lets me breathe.

“Sleep well?”

“It was lonely without you but I slept,” I reply, laughing when he tickles my sides.

“I’m sorry baby girl. I had a bike that was promised at eight,” he says.

“I know. I’m just messing with you,” I tell him, kissing him again. “But I did get some news this morning.”

“What kind of news?”

“I’m pregnant. I’ll make an appointment with the doctor to confirm,” I tell him.

“Pregnant? Holy shit baby, you shouldn’t be working. You should be at home, with your feet up,” he says, his freak out adorable.

“Calm down, mi rey. It’ll be a long time before we have to worry about that,” I say, trying to reassure him, but it’s no use.

“It never to soon to worry about your safety and health and that of our unborn child,” he says, helping me to my feet.

“Where are we going?” I ask when he steers me toward a large pickup truck instead of toward the house.

“To the doctor,” he says, helping me up into the passenger seat.

“I don’t have an appointment. We can’t just barge into her office and demand to be seem It’s not an emergency,” I remind him.

“I can’t not do anything,” he says.

“There’s plenty to do, babe, but there is also plenty of time to do it.”

I get out of the truck, just in time to see my parents storming across the street.

“Adriel Grace Abell, you will come home now,” Dad says.

“I can’t dad,” I tell him, as calmly as I can.

“You can and you will. The period of rebelliousness is over.”

“It’ll never be over, I’m married now and I’m pregnant,” I reply grabbing Manuel’s hand. “This is Manuel Luna, my husband.” Dad snarls at him but doesn’t acknowledge him otherwise,

“Pregnant. Oh, Adriel,” mom says, moving toward us, but dad stops her.

“I can’t leave here. I won’t leave my husband, the father of my child.”

“You are no longer my daughter, Adriel. You’re on your own.”

“I’ll never be on my own again, but I understand what you mean. I’ll never darken your doorstep again.”

“See that you don’t corrupt your poor sisters any further,” he says before turning and walking away. He clearly doesn’t know what those girls have been up, but he will soon.

“Oh Adriel, I love you,” Mom says before she departs as well.

“That was brutal,” Manuel says.

“It could have been worse,” I say as we head into the house. He stays in bed with me all day. Maybe one day, Dad will see you can’t treat your children like chattel, but I guess that day isn’t today.

Several months later, our son, Manuel III was born and our life couldn’t be better.

Our love blazes hot and forever. I wouldn’t want it any other way.



I’m balls deep in my wife just as I usually am. Each and every time is better than the last. She’s my whole world. Her and out babies. I’d do anything for them. Anything at all. I’d die if I had too.

“That’s it, baby girl, take it. Take my fucking dick,” I growl and I thrust into her over and over again. Her hot, wet cunt takes every move, squeezing me as I go. Whatever I want to do, she lets me do it.

“Give it to me, Manuel. Fill me up, give me another baby,” she demands, pushing her ass back into me as I take her from behind. My hands grip her hips as I feel her rub her fingers over her clit and around my cock. I groan as I feel my orgasm rise. After five babies, she still wants more and I’ll give them to her. However many she wants, she can have.

“Fuck, Addy,” I yell as I pour my seed into her.

“More, Manuel. More. I need it. Make me come.” She demands and I have no choice but to give her exactly what she wants.

Reaching around her, I push her fingers out of the way and rub her clit myself, knowing exactly what she likes. Her little pussy squeezes me as I fill her.

“That’s it, baby girl, come for me.”

She screams my name as she does. I fill her again before pulling out of her slowly. She moves to lie on her back in our bed and I move beside her, pulling her close to my side. She sighs in contentment, snuggling up to me.

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