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“Anything else I can get you?”

“No, thank you,” I say. I’m not even going to drink this. I don’t really care for coffee but I felt like I needed to order something if I was going to take up the table. I check my watch again. It was a twenty-minute drive to even get to this part of town. I had to make sure that I ventured out some so I didn’t run into anyone I know.

My head jerks up when the bell over the door dings. My brother strolls in like he has all the time in the world. I want to yell at him, but that will only take up more time that I don’t have. I see Layla, who is sitting in a corner booth tapping the top of her watch, reminding me of the time. I answer her with my eyes, not wanting Teddy to know I brought someone with me.

Layla goes everywhere I do. It’s what she is paid by my husband to do. What Con doesn’t realize is that even though Layla might be paid by him, she often bends the rules for me. He might have hired her, but she is still my friend.

I stand as Teddy walks over to me. He wraps me in a tight hug, picking me up off my feet. I smile, hugging him back tightly. Over the years it’s begun to feel like I’m the older one. It seems as though I’m always having to get him out of trouble. I try to savor moments like this when he hugs me like he used to when we were kids. It feels like I have my big brother back that I lost so long ago.

“You feel a little heavier. You knocked up yet?” Inwardly I cringe. I’d be lying if I said his words didn’t cut me deep. He puts me back down on my feet.

“No, I guess I’m just eating too much.” I force a smile like his words don’t hurt me. I take a seat back in the booth. He drops down on the other side, stealing the coffee from in front of me. I let him take it because I didn’t want it to begin with.

“You look good. Even if you have put on a few pounds, you carry it well.” He takes a sip from the coffee. “You ever think you’re not getting pregnant because Con isn’t the one for you? That maybe it’s fate’s way of making sure you don’t get saddled with him?” Teddy smiles as he says it. I grab my bag, standing to leave. Layla starts to get up too. Teddy snags me around the wrist. “Sorry, sis. Sit down.” I stare down at him. “Please.” I glare at him, letting him know I won’t tolerate another bad word about my husband.

“Don’t do it again,” I warn him before dropping back down into the booth. Teddy knows there is only one hard limit with me and that is Con. I understand that they don’t get along but I wasn’t going to let Teddy talk bad about my husband. I would never let anyone talk bad about the man who tried to give me everything he could. He nods his head in agreement so I scoot back into the booth.

“Teddy. I know this isn’t a social call and you’re late. I have dinner with Con in a little while.” Moments ago I was excited to see him and now his comment about Con has fouled my mood and left a bad taste in my mouth. I also know he didn’t call me here for a social visit. I’m ready for him to tell me what he needs from me this time. Or should I say how much he needs from me this time to bail him out of whatever mess he’s gotten himself into.

“A guy can’t ask his little sister out to have a cup of coffee?” His face goes soft. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” I admit. He holds his hand out for me to take. I grab it.

“I didn’t mean to take a shot at Con.” He actually looks like he feels bad for a moment. “I just heard some shit I’m not happy about so I wanted to check in with you.”

“I’m fine.” When it comes to my husband I’m always happy. It’s me that’s coming up short lately. “What did you hear? You can’t believe gossip.” I roll my eyes. People try and say stupid things sometimes. It was hard for people to wrap their minds around the fact that Con has been madly in love with me since high school when he could have had a million other women that fit more into his world. I wasn’t born into money. Con threw me over his shoulder and brought me into it.

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