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My wife gives me a small but genuine smile. “I’d like that.”

“Come over here.” I pat the side of the mattress. She screws the lid back on her small pot and walks over to the bed, her sheer robe billowing behind her like a pair of angel wings.

She curls into a small ball and puts her head on my stomach. “Let’s watch a movie.”

“Sure.” I know what she wants to see. I pull up Hamilton on the DVR and as Lin Manuel Miranda raps about being a bastard and turning into a hero and scholar, I run my hand over her back, counting off the bumps of her spine in my head in time with the beat. The anxiety seeps out of her as the show plays on. Her body relaxes. Her breath evens out. Soon her chest is rising and falling in deep, soothing rhythms. Halfway into the show, she’s asleep.

I pull a cover over her and slide down so that her head rests in the hollow of my shoulder. It’s too early to fall asleep so I do some work on my phone, reading a financial proposal from London, reviewing the financial news. There’s an email from my assistant. I open it and frown. Abigail’s brother is still in the city. He was spotted at a club last night, spending heavily. I don’t like that he’s hanging around. The longer he’s here, the greater the temptation for him to contact Abigail.

I look down at the top of her blonde head. Maybe he has tried to connect with her and that’s why there are frown lines etched across her face. I send back a reply to have a body put on him. If he’s in my city, I better keep a close eye on him for Abigail’s sake. After a moment’s hesitation, I ask my assistant to check out the rumor Blank had heard. It’s not that I care that Abigail owns a damn grocery store–it’s the secret keeping that twists me up inside.

I hate that I’m doubting her. After all these years together, there’s nothing I don’t know about my sweet girl and vice versa. There’s no reason for me to be suspicious about anything. The only cock that’s getting wet in her juice is mine. The only love in her heart is for me. I know this, so why am I second-guessing anything? I write a third email telling my assistant to forget the previous two, knowing I sound like a crazy person and not at all like my usual, rational self.

I toss the phone aside and roll Abigail over on her back. One thing I am sure about is her lust for me. She can’t get enough of my body, just like I can’t get enough of hers. This time, though, I know that I’m not making love to her just because I’m hard. I have this driving need to reassure myself that we are the same Abigail and Con that took each other’s virginity all those years ago, that pledged to love each other until the stars fell and the oceans swallowed us whole.

I spread her robe open and quickly divest her of the silky tap pants and the satin camisole. Sleepy eyes flick open as I’m pulling off her clothes. “Is the movie over?” she murmurs.

“No idea. Spread for me, baby.” I drape her legs over my shoulders and lower my mouth to her core. She tastes tangy and sweet, like spiced honey that you drink on cold autumn days while picking out pumpkins. Her fingers thread their way along my scalp, moving lazily as she surfaces from sleep. I lick her long and slow, sweeping from her clit and back until she starts to grow restless and the pressure from her hands deepens. I drink from her cunt, tonguing the tight channel and lapping up her essence. I insert two fingers and scissor her open so I can delve in deeper. Over ten years of defiling this sweet pussy and she’s still tighter than a fist. When she comes, I pierce her channel until the swollen shaft of my cock bumps against her womb. She cries out and clutches me to her.

“Con. Con,” she chants. “Right there. Oh my God, yes. Please, there.”

I stroke her repeatedly right over the sensitive spot. She throws back her head, arches her neck, and screams as her release barrels through her. I keep working, fucking her until the whole cycle repeats itself and she’s shuddering and trembling from yet another orgasm. Here, skin to skin, with my cock inside her hot, quivering cunt, there’s all the confirmation I need that she is mine and I am hers. Whatever happens in the outside world doesn’t affect us. Here we are one. I power forward and pound into her, making sure that our bond is so strong nothing–not brothers or businesses or babies–can part us.

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