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“I was as surprised as you are, but apparently her family has community ties there. Anyway, that’s unimportant. Orchard and Heath were fighting for the shares and Orchard won.”

“I’m sure she bought it with her own money. There’s no reason for Abigail to be involved.”

“All the SEC filings confirm that Orchard is the owner, too.”

I knew that. I had looked it up right away. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. Abigail would’ve told me if she bought something like this. She’s never given me a single reason to mistrust her. “Thanks for the intel.”

“No problem. Next time you’re at Orchard’s grocery, put in a good word for me with Cindy. She thinks I’m a player.”

“And I’m supposed to convince her that you’re not, how?”

“You’re an educated man. You’ll think of something.” Blank hangs up on me.

My intercom buzzes and my secretary announces, “Sir, Mrs. Weathers’ brother is here to see you.”

“Is that a euphemism and he’s actually beat up and thrown in the dumpster?”

“No, sir. He’s actually here. There’s no visible bruising either.”

“More’s the pity. Show him in.”

The door opens and Teddy strolls in. This time he’s wearing a custom tailored suit and flashing some new bling around the neck. He looks like he’s ready to climb onto a boat and make a drug deal.

“Big bro,” he cries throwing out his arms wide. I’m glad I’m behind my desk so I don’t have to engage in the farce of even avoiding his embrace. I watch him behind hooded eyes as he strolls around my office, inspecting everything from the signed Derek Jeter baseball to the photo of Abigail and the former First Lady at a charity event in Chicago. He’s probably calculating the value of everything in case I die and he can come in here and feast off the remains before Abigail can stop him. I should have a prenup just to protect her from him.

“Nothing to say?”

I don’t give him the satisfaction. He’s here to get a rise out of me and it’s better to stay still.

“Fine.” He picks up the ball and tosses it into the air. “I’m here to give you one more chance. My deal is a sweet one. You give me a few million in seed money and I’m gone. If you don’t…” He trails off and fake throws me the ball. I was supposed to flinch, but I’ve faced bigger bullies than Teddy. The only power he has is his sister. Pissed that he doesn’t get a response from me, he lets the ball fall to the floor. When I remain seated, he kicks the ball like he’s a five-year-old having a tantrum.

“Maybe Abigail has the money.”

“Maybe she doesn’t,” I reply instantly. Abigail isn’t a ball to be kicked around.

“I guess we’ll find out,” Teddy says and turns toward the door.

I get to my feet. “Go near her and what the gang did to you after Atlantic City will seem like a trip to the spa.”

“I don’t think Abigail would like that.”

“Why would she even know?” I reply silkily. Teddy might think I’m a pushover because I’ve let him live off my dime for years, but if I thought for a second Abigail was endangered by Teddy, I’d end him in a second.

Chapter 12


I smile into my pillow when I feel kisses trail across my neck. Con slips his hand into my robe, cupping my breast as his thumb strokes my nipple back and forth making it hard. My body wakes up before my mind fully can. He places more kisses along my shoulder as his fingers slip down my body. I part my legs for him, rolling over a little on to him. His fingers find my clit, giving me the pleasure I need.

“Con.” I breathe out his name. The orgasm is soft and sweet as he slowly wakes me up. I open my eyes to look into his. I can see the concern in them for me. Guilt fills me knowing that I’m the reason that look is there.

“You okay? Layla said you weren’t feeling well.”

“Just a headache. I took a bath and I think I passed out.” He leans down, brushing his mouth against mine.

“You should have called me. I would have come home.” I smile at him because he’s almost pouting. He’s always so worried about me and the thought that I’m causing him to do it more almost eats me alive.

“I know you think you can do anything but curing a headache isn’t one of them.” I roll onto my side wishing we could stay in bed all day, disappointed that he’s still fully dressed, which means that’s not a possibility for today.

“I could try.” He brushes a lock of hair out of my face. “Is it gone?”

“I think.” I let out a yawn. My body is still buzzing from the orgasm.

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