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Ah. I mask my smile. I want to ask if she’s still wearing the kegel balls, but I presume she’s removed them. She’s done well to wear them this long. Taking Ana’s hand in mine, I give her a list of auction prizes.

I think Ana will enjoy this part of the evening—Seattle’s elite flashing their cash.

“You own property in Aspen?” she asks, and everyone at the table turns to look at her. I nod and put my finger to my lips.

“Do you have property elsewhere?” she whispers.

I nod. But I don’t want to disturb everyone at the table with conversation. This is the part of the evening when we raise a sizable sum for the charity.

As everyone applauds a sale price of $12,000 for a signed Mariners baseball bat, I lean over and say, “I’ll tell you later.”

She licks her lips and my earlier frustration returns. “I wanted to come with you.”

She shoots me a quick aggrieved look, which I think means that she’s of the same mind, but she settles down to listen to the bidding.

I watch her get caught up in the excitement of the auction, turning her head to see who’s bidding on what and applauding at the conclusion of each lot.

“And up next is a weekend stay in Aspen, Colorado. What are my starting bids, ladies and gentlemen, for this generous prize courtesy of Mr. Christian Grey?” There’s a smattering of applause and the master of ceremonies continues. “Do I hear five thousand dollars?”

The bidding begins.

I contemplate taking Ana to Aspen. I don’t even know if she skis. The thought of her on skis is unsettling. She’s not a coordinated dancer, so she might be a disaster on the slopes. I wouldn’t want her to get hurt.

“Twenty thousand dollars, we are bid. Going once, going twice,” the MC calls. Ana puts her hand up and calls.

“Twenty-four thousand dollars!”

And it’s like she’s kicked me in the solar plexus.

What. The. Fuck.

“Twenty-four thousand dollars, to the lovely lady in silver, going once, going twice. Sold!” the master of ceremonies declares, to rapturous applause. Everyone at our table gapes at her while my anger spirals out of control. That money was for her. Taking a deep breath, I lean forward and kiss her cheek. “I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you,” I hiss in her ear.

“I’ll take option two, please,” she says quickly. Breathlessly.


For a moment I’m confused, and then I realize the kegel balls have done their work. She’s needy, really needy, and my anger is forgotten. “Suffering, are you?” I whisper. “We’ll have to see what we can do about that.” I run my fingers along her jaw.

Make her wait, Grey.

That should be punishment enough.

Or perhaps we could prolong the agony. A wicked thought comes to mind.

She wriggles beside me as my family congratulates her on her win. I drape my arm over her chair and begin to stroke her naked back with my thumb. With my other hand I take hers and kiss her palm, then rest her hand on my thigh. Slowly, I ease her hand up my thigh until her fingers are resting on my erection.

I hear her gasp, and from beneath her mask her shocked eyes meet mine.

I will never tire of shocking sweet Ana.

As the auction continues, my family returns their attention to the next prize. Ana, emboldened, no doubt, by her need, surprises me and starts to caress me through my pants.


I keep my hand over hers so no one will be the wiser as she fondles me and I continue to stroke her neck.

My pants are becoming uncomfortable.

She’s turned the tables on you, Grey. Again.

“Sold, for one hundred and ten thousand dollars!” the MC declares, bringing me back into the room. The prize is a week in my parents’ place in Montana, and it’s a colossal amount of money.

The whole room erupts with cheers and applause, and Ana takes her hands off me and joins in the clapping.


Reluctantly, I applaud, too, and now that the auction is over, I plan to give Ana a tour of the house.

“Ready?” I mouth to her.

“Yes,” she says, her eyes shining through her mask.

“Ana!” Mia says. “It’s time!”

Ana looks confused. “Time for what?”

“The First Dance Auction. Come on!” Mia stands and holds out her hand.

Fucking hell. My annoying little sister.

I glower at Mia. Cockblocker extraordinaire.

Ana looks at me and starts to giggle.

It’s infectious.

I stand, grateful for my jacket. “The first dance will be with me, okay? And it won’t be on the dance floor,” I murmur against the pulse beneath her ear.

“I look forward to it.” She kisses me in full view of everyone.

I grin and then notice that the entire table is staring at us.

Yes, people. I have a girlfriend. Get used to it.

They, as one, look away, embarrassed to be caught gawking.

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