Darker (Fifty Shades 5) - Page 138

I grin. “So do I, and we will. Eat up.”

She sighs as if in defeat and starts tucking into her food. I follow her example. “Have you heard from your friend?” I ask.

“Which one?”

“The guy staying in your apartment.”

“Oh, Ethan. Not since he took Mia out for lunch.”

“I’m doing some work with his and Kate’s father.”


“Yes. Kavanagh seems like a solid guy.”

“He’s always been good to me,” she answers, and my earlier thoughts about a hostile takeover of Kavanagh’s business recede.

She finishes her supper and places her knife and fork on her plate.

“Good girl.”

“What now?” she asks, her expression needy.

“Now? We leave. I believe you have certain expectations, Miss Steele. Which I intend to fulfill to the best of my ability.”

“The best of your a-a-bility?” she stutters.

I grin and stand up.

“Don’t we have to pay?”

“I’m a member here. They’ll bill me. Come, Anastasia, after you.” I step aside, and Ana gets up from the table and pauses beside me to smooth her dress down over her thighs.

“I can’t wait to get you home.” I follow her out of the restaurant and stop to talk to the maître d’.

“Thanks, Carmine. Superb as always.”

“You’re welcome. Mr. Grey.”

“And can you call down to have the car brought to the front?”

“No problem. Good night.”

As we get into the elevator I take Ana’s elbow and steer her toward the far corner. I stand behind her and watch as other couples get in.


Linc, Elena’s ex, joins us, wearing a shit brown suit.

What an asshole.

“Grey,” he acknowledges me. I nod, and I’m relieved when he turns around. The fact that he’s here, only inches away, makes what I’m about to do even more exciting.

The doors close and I kneel quickly, pretending to do up my shoelace. I place my hand around Ana’s ankle, and as I stand, I skim my hand up her calf, past her knee, and her thigh, to her ass. Her naked ass.

She tenses and I slide my left arm around her waist and pull her to me while my fingers skate down her ass, to her sex. The elevator stops at another floor and we shuffle back as one to let more people on board. But I’m not interested in them. Slowly I brush her clitoris, once, twice, thrice, and then move my fingers back to her heat. “Always so ready, Miss Steele,” I whisper as I inch my middle finger inside her. I hear her faint gasp. “Keep still and quiet,” I warn, so only she can hear me. Slowly I move my finger in and out, on and on, as my excitement grows. She grabs the arm I have around her waist and she squeezes. Holding on. Her breathing accelerates, and I know she’s trying to keep quiet as I silently torment her with my fingers.

The sway of the elevator as it stops to pick up more passengers adds to the rhythm. She sags against me, then pushes her ass against my hand, wanting more. Faster.

Oh, my greedy, greedy girl.

“Hush,” I breathe, and nuzzle her hair. I ease a second finger inside her and continue to pump them in and out. She tips her head back against my chest, exposing her throat. I want to kiss her, but that would draw too much attention to what we’re doing. Her grip on me tightens.

Damn. I’m bursting. My jeans are too fucking tight. I want her, but now really is not the place.

Her fingers dig into me.

“Don’t come. I want that later,” I whisper, and I splay my hand on her belly and press down, knowing that this will emphasize everything she’s feeling. Her head is lolling against my chest and she’s biting down on her bottom lip.

The elevator stops.

There’s a loud ping and the doors open on the first floor.

Slowly I withdraw my hand as the passengers exit, and I kiss the back of her head.

Well done, Ana.

She did not give us away.

I hold her for a moment longer.

Linc turns and nods as he leaves with a woman who I assume is his present wife. When I’m sure Ana is able to stand, I release her. She gazes up at me, her eyes dark and smoky with lust.

“Ready?” I ask, then slip both of my fingers briefly into my mouth. “Mighty fine, Miss Steele.” I give her a wicked grin.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” she whispers, breathless and arousing.

“You’d be surprised what I can do, Miss Steele.” Reaching out, I neaten her hair, pushing it behind her ear. “I want to get you home, but maybe we’ll only make it as far as the car.” I give her a quick smile, check that my jacket is covering the front of my jeans, then take her hand and lead her out of the elevator. “Come,” I bid her.

“Yes, I want to.”

“Miss Steele!”

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