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She nods, and almost looks embarrassed. “Cheating ex-husband had it before we were married, I took it in the divorce.” We get into another elevator and she presses the button for the eighteenth floor.

“Damn,” I mutter.

“I’m sure your place in Los Angeles is nice.”

Slowly, I shake my head. “Nope, I have one of those keypads outside a door. It works sometimes. No doorman, but if you want to come in, you can press a button and talk to me while I’m in my living room.”

“Crazy, I expected you to live in a super fancy place.”

“Nope.” I brush her hair away from her face. “I kind of wish you lived on a lower floor though.”

“We’re almost there,” she says quietly.

“Thank God.” I lean in to kiss her, only the lift to stop and the doors to open. “Please tell me this is your floor.”

“Come on, cowboy.”

Natalie speed walks down the hall, to the last door, pushes her key in and opens the door. As much as I want to look around, I’d rather see her naked right now. In the morning, I’ll explore her apartment. For now, I slam the door shut, and shrug out of my jacket without taking my eyes off her.



He takes off his jacket and slams the door and all I can think about is that I must be dreaming. His hands feel real as they touch my face, and his lips press against mine as if he’s just as starved for my touch as I am of his.

The next thing I know my boots fly across the foyer floor and all I have left on my body is my white cami, bra, and underwear. It’s like we can’t get to each other fast enough. Brennan wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up, kissing his way down my neck to the tops of my breasts.

With my legs around his waist, he carries me down the hall, ripping my cami off before we even get to my bedroom. Giggling, I look down at the tattered garment on the ground and back up to him. His heated gaze makes me tremble.

“I’ll get you another one,” he assures me.

Leaning me against the wall, Brennan lifts my bra and cups my breast in his hand, shifting me up so he can suck my nipple between his teeth. Closing my eyes, I moan and hold him close, my insides tightening. I can feel the blood rushing to the spot between my legs that aches to feel his touch. Only one gentle stroke and I’ll be completely lost and at his mercy.

“Brennan,” I breathe, arching my back.

Chuckling, he reaches around behind my back and unclasps my bra, letting it fall to the floor. He leans back and looks up and down my body as I straddle him. His cock getting harder between my legs.

“You are so beautiful, Nat,” he murmurs, sliding a strand of my hair off my forehead. “You have no idea how many times I’ve thought about you.”

Slowly, he leans forward and places his forehead to mine, breathing me in. My God, I’m falling for him all over again. It happened so fast, but there was no way I could fight it. Brennan holds a special place in my heart … he always has.

“Same,” I murmur back.

Eyes dark with need, he focuses on the closed doors in the hallway. “Which room? I’m about to say fuck it and just take you right here and now.”

Giggling, I nod at the door to our right. He carries me over and I reach behind me for the knob and push it open. It’s dark in the room, but there’s a sliver of light coming from the nightlight in the bathroom. It gives off the perfect glow. Brennan tosses me on the king-sized bed and covers me with his body.

I pluck at his shirt. “This needs off, now.”

He smirks and lifts one arm. I promptly tug his shirt over his head, and he lets it fall to the floor along with his pants and boxers. His chest is so smooth and hard as I run my fingers down to his perfectly chiseled abs. Starting at my lips, he trails his fingers down my neck, in between my breasts, on to my underwear where he slides them down my legs and tosses them to the side. His hands are warm as he runs them up my legs to spread them, caressing my thighs.

Bending down, he flicks a nipple with his tongue before closing his lips around it, sucking it greedily. Desire shoots through my veins and the heat of it courses through my body. It feels like at any moment I’m going to explode. It’s a desire I haven’t felt in a very long time. All I want is to have him inside of me.

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